No matter which industry your business caters to, you cannot undermine the power of digital marketing in 2020. Even a couple of years ago, a website and a Facebook profile page were all that firms needed, but today, the digital landscape is so vast that it is hard to maintain a consistent pace. EJ Dalius knows that in 2020 many tools and technologies will help businesses to promote their products or services online to stay on top. Then, you need to keep yourself updated on the latest digital marketing trends to stand out in the crowd. 

According to an article published on, business needs to know the mindset of consumers because it keeps changing and the digital space, privacy, and social accountability are at the core of it. Adaptability is the key to business success these days and so here are the three top trends to watch out for in 2020: 

  1. Eric J Dalius has observed the significant rise of Instagram among youngsters

The popularity and growth of the photo-sharing site Instagram are phenomenal today with more than one billion active users. It indicates that this social media site is growing at a very fast rate compared to the other platforms and, targets the younger generation and Millennials, particularly people within 30. That is why Facebook is losing popularity and regarded as the social site meant for older people. 

Of late, Instagram has announced that it would get rid of the likes feature, making several influencers raising concerns about this decision. Therefore, Eric Dalius emphasizes that you need to watch out what is happening with Instagram in 2020, as a business entrepreneur. Though it may result in an uptick when it comes to Instagram’s content quality, several users may shift from this platform to look for vanity measure somewhere else. 

  1. Video marketing is essential 

If you still think that you can succeed in your marketing campaigns sans videos, you are mistaken. Only text or copy-based content cannot compete with the power of moving images, more so if you are planning to sell your products online. 

People are using their smartphones and iPads most of the time and therefore, viewing videos more than often. They are looking at product or service videos, learning about brands and their offerings, etc. Based on the findings of ImpactBND, 70 percent of customers shared a brand-related video and 52 percent of shoppers believe that watching product videos will make them more and more confident to make informed purchasing decisions. Video is the buzzword for marketers today. There are also  Internal Linking Strategies, that you can use. 

  1. Chat bots will take customer service to the next level

Chat bots are nothing but artificial intelligence or AI software to interact with people just like humans. The chat bot system collates data insights over time and AI technology learns about customers to provide an outstanding and consistent customer service round-the-clock. Studies show that 80 percent of companies have declared that they want to switch to chat bots in 2020. The benefits are 24/7 service, no requirement for vacations, breaks, or overtime, and quick replies to customer queries. 


Stay updated with the latest trends if you want to survive in this age of digital marketing. Embrace videos, AI, and chat bots to stay on top.

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