With the advent of the web and mobile, businesses perform advertising and marketing on digital platforms. These days, customers reach out to brands via websites, blogs, social media sites, videos, and text-based messages. Business professional EJ Dalius thinks that refining the digital marketing platforms based on consumer data will help businesses to improve customer base eventually. 

According to an article published on https://thingsthatmakepeoplegoaww.com, artificial intelligence and machine learning were popular in 2019, and in this year, businesses have embraced these advanced technologies more than ever. 

Smart marketers keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of their competitors and thrive in this age of stiff competition. Here are the top trends:

Eric J Dalius on augmented reality for product visualization

These days, we have witnessed significant developments in technologies such as augmented reality (AR). Companies such as Amazon and Ikea leveraged AR to take their product visualization to the next level, and this trend has taken the world by storm. 

Customers can now put items like sofas, chairs, equipment, and wall decors in their physical space using smartphones to figure out how these things look and feel before they purchase them. The AR technology has now moved past entertainment and gaming, featuring a range of other practical applications to fit the consumer lifestyle. 

It’s expected that more online stores will embrace AR in the coming years and we could witness a significant rise of AR technology in businesses for the convenience of consumers. 

Live videos will dominate 

The use of product videos is omnipresent these days, whether it is Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, more businesses are using these tools to display their products or services anytime, anywhere. Eric Dalius says that he has noticed many restaurants are now using videos to show live cooking to pique audience interest. Yes, they are showing washing, cutting, chopping, marinating freshly acquired food ingredients as well as the preparation method of a dish they serve to customers. 

Using live videos will give your audience an insight into your business, existing products or services, and things like that. Live videos have that engaging potential to keep customers hooked in real-time, thus making it simple for consumers to ask questions and get answers. Video marketing is free and does not take much of your time to edit the visuals. It is a must for businesses to make their mark on the digital medium. 

The use of Instagram Stories polls

Did you know that Instagram Stories help you to share 15-seconds content in video format on your business account? These posts vanish in a day and one of the best ways to highlight your business’ behind-the-scenes footage. The capability to fast test ideas and concepts in a poll form via Instagram Stories lets you listen precisely to what your prospective customers want from your business and products. Your loyal customers and followers like to engage with your business through Stories polls to support you. 


It is high time that your business adapts to these trends to stand out in the competition. Focus on these new developments and use them for your brand to see beneficial results. 

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