Modern technology seems to be growing at an incredible pace. Moreover, it is evolving consistently hence, everything associated with it should move as rapidly as possible. Digital marketing is currently progressing at a truly breakneck pace. EJ Dalius firmly believes that if businesses wish to stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields and master the marketing game, they must embrace the digital technology and keep up with new techniques, constant updates, and algorithmic changes. You must realize that marketing trends are transient just like a Google algorithmic update. New platforms and new technologies are coming up constantly. Hence, businesses must stay relevant in terms of the latest marketing trends. Let us explore some of the current marketing trends. 

Eric J Dalius Identifies Some Marketing Trends Dominating the Current Marketing Scene

Consumer-Centric Marketing

Customer-centric marketing is known to use personalized messages, content, products, and more for ensuring that the consumer can get precisely what he has been looking for. A customer-centric marketing approach must necessarily go beyond your marketing department. Prioritizing your clients’ requirements first could enhance a company’s relationships with its audience and gain new and retain repeat customers. 

Businesses today are implementing the smart consumer-centric marketing strategy wherein they do not push products in the hope that somebody would buy instead, customer-centric organizations would be crafting their messaging, content, and products around the unique requirements of their precise target audience. The most effective way of gaining a competitive edge would be coming up with unique content that is relevant to the precise requirements of your target group.

Follow Consumer Mindset

As per Eric Dalius at, consumer mindset is not something constant. It is truly dynamic and keeps changing with time and new developments. The digital world, privacy, and even social responsibility are at the heart of the consumer mindset. You must understand that the mental shifts are in fact, reflecting what consumers care most about, for what reasons, and how. 

Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds and is reaching its pinnacles of glory. At the same time, political divisiveness and climatic crisis are shooting up and going beyond control. Because of all this, people are more concerned about their privacy as compared to earlier occasions. Moreover, they incline towards a socially responsible business. More and more people would be concerned about maintaining privacy and safety. 

Interactive Content Is the Way to Go

Today shoppers are constantly aspiring for brand new experiences while going online. Greater interactivity is the latest marketing trend. Over 91 percent of the visitors are looking for more interactive and visual content. Some of the reasons why: 

  • Interactive content is new and different so it is bound to attract more attention.
  • Interactive content could grab visitor’s attention for longer so that the bounce rate goes down dramatically.
  • Interactive content is surely shareable and immensely enjoyable. Once shared this superlative content would be going viral and it boosts overall online awareness of your service or brand.
  • Interactive content seems to be immensely engaging and people enjoy it even more as compared to other content.  

Live Video Is Phenomenally Popular

Live video sector would be worth more than $70 billion by the year 2021. We understand that live video is phenomenally popular with most consumers, and it is gaining traction by the day. Moreover, statistics reveal that people are currently spending more time watching the live video as compared to watching the pre-recorded version. Video is certainly the most effective and popular way of learning more about and gaining valuable information about new products and services. 


You must never fail to grasp the available opportunities. Follow the current marketing trends. Prepare your businesses for 2021. This is the right time to start planning all your marketing stratagems. Be ready to start the next year with a perfect marketing plan and specific goals. Be sure about the precise marketing strategies to achieve your goals and aspirations.

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