With the introduction of disruptive technological innovations every year, marketers are compelled to keep evolving their best practices. Today, digital marketing is gradually making way for the Omnichannel marketing era. Since marketing innovation is accelerating consistently, businesses are finding it difficult to keep up. However, remember that with the introduction of path-breaking ways you would come across a host of opportunities. 

Thanks to the breakneck pace at which contemporary technology seems to be growing and evolving, it is pretty obvious that everything else that is depending on it must necessarily move at the same pace hence, digital marketing proves to be no exception. Digital marketers are constantly keeping up with new techniques, updates, and algorithmic changes. Businesses can stay on top of the digital marketing game provided they are aware of the latest trends and developments in the digital marketing world. Let us explore some of the major marketing trends of 2020.

Eric Dalius Discusses Chief Marketing Trends Currently Dominating the Scene 

Interactive Content is All-Important

In the present situation content is really the king. You must focus on enticing your target audience. Consider creating content that should be inspiring your target audience, provoking their thoughts, appealing to their core emotions, and luring them into action.  As per https://thingsthatmakepeoplegoaww.com, experienced entrepreneurs such as EJ Dalius have recognized the fact that content marketing is of pivotal importance. According to the current consumer demands, content must have a clear purpose and visual appeal. The audience would be consuming more content simply by watching rather than reading. Content needs to be visually attractive to grab customer attention and we know that people usually, glance through text-heavy content without paying much attention. 

Buyers today are thinking in terms of new experiences while going online and many consumers believe in greater interactivity. As per the latest stats, an impressive 91 percent of the consumers are looking for more interactive and visual content online. There are numerous reasons for this. 

  • Interactive content helps in keeping visitors for a longer duration on your page.
  • Interactive content is fresh, new, and different and it always stands out from the rest.
  • Interactive content is certainly more engaging.
  • Interactive content seems to be incredibly shareable hence, it is great for boosting overall online brand awareness. 

Content must ensure a two-way communication that is critical to establishing trust and ensuring that you appreciate your customers’ support.  

Chat bots Still Very Much in the Scene

According to Eric J Dalius even though we know that there is no substitute for customer service, there are some people who are not very comfortable in striking up a conversation with real people over the telephone or the email. That’s the reason why chat bots are gaining traction by the day and are quite convenient. Chat bots are efficient AI assistants integrated seamlessly into websites and can respond to questions and cater to customer requests fast. 

As per the findings of a study conducted recently by Juniper Networks, with the rise in sophistication and popularity, AI-powered chat bots could help in reducing costs by almost $439 billion annually. Moreover, they could boost sales by almost $112 billion by 2023. We understand that 45% of end-users have a preference for chat bots while seeking customer service. Hence, if your business has one, it becomes easier for you to connect with people who love to interact with these AI programs.

AI Is Consistently Growing

Artificial Intelligence has been experiencing phenomenal prominence and popularity. It helps in making data analysis far more efficient. Moreover, it could be targeting prospective leads rapidly and successfully performing activities that humans find it difficult to perform. Often AI would imply cutting-edge machine learning. We understand that the recommendation system of Netflix suggesting new movies and TV shows for you to watch is also, technically Artificial Intelligence! 

Craving for SERP Position Zero

Today ranking no.1 in the search engine results page is no longer your primary goal. The highest slot in SERP today is position zero that is a featured snippet that appears just above all the search results. We understand that this prime location would be providing vital information relevant very much to the search query. However, this text-rich snippet would also, provide the URL to the specific page from where the valuable information has been sourced.


While numerous entrepreneurs are appreciating the fact that the marketing landscape is dynamic and keeps changing rapidly, those who are keen on adapting and evolving would keep on attracting high-quality clients in this highly-digitalized world.

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