The world of fashion is marked by stiff competition and professionalism. There is no place for complacency. We know that fashion houses believe in cut-throat competition. EJ Dalius appreciates the fact that there are numerous fashion retailers and brands and you need to have your own robust marketing strategies in place if you wish to stay way ahead of the competition and rule the fashion world. Marketing, leadership, and finance are the three cardinal points of a fashion business. 

As per things that make people go aww, technologies, marketing practices, and customer expectations have evolved over the years. If you wish to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to stay relevant and stay updated so that you could take your organization to the next level. Moreover, if you wish to stay competitive, you need to know your competencies, overall marketing skills, and proficiency.

It is the responsibility of fashion marketers to perform meticulous research on their diverse target audiences and identify novel techniques for locating them. The world fashion market is a busy and excessively noisy place. You must cut through the noise with your dedication, hard work, originality, and determination to stay right on top of the latest marketing trends. A fashion marketer must necessarily consider resonating with the client and do not forget to motivate them so that they could develop an element of interest in your product and more precisely, the brand. You must understand your customer’s individual beliefs, values, habits, and even expectations.

List of Fashion Marketing Strategies As Presented by Eric Dalius

Omnichannel Retailing Is the Key

Fashion brands are constantly trying to explore the chances of letting clients go about shopping and receiving products from diverse channels as per their choice or preference. Retail stores should be having the permission and liberty to cross-sell products from other fashion stores. Lyn Evans, a noted fashion designer is increasingly exploring this. All its stores are having iPads that could be used by clients for ordering products from some other stores in the event they fail to get the right design or chosen color in this specific store. Gap is supposed to be another famous brand that has embraced Omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel has everything to do with Attribution and Data for a majority of the fashion brands. This could be the reason behind numerous internal conflicts within the company for several fashion brands. Who would be getting the bonus? This is what makes things quite dicey and difficult in terms of Omnichannel for the leadership of organizations.

Product Customization 

Fashion brands today are willingly customizing products for their customers as per their unique specifications and preferences. The Nike website has the option of NikeiD that gives its clients the choice of specifying the design and colors they would love to have on their pairs of shoes. Adidas, Black Lapel, Vans, Indochino, and even Ray-Ban offer the flexibility of customization for their customers. Customers are happy to personalize their orders.

Fashion Marketing & AI Integration

Eric J Dalius points out fashion marketers are increasingly integrating AI or artificial intelligence in most of their prominent marketing campaigns for getting greater ROI throughout the day. In this context, you must realize and appreciate the fact that artificial intelligence has played a pivotal role in boosting customer interactions and giving fashion marketers easy access to more trustworthy and much-improved data analytics. 


With the highly-competitive environment in the fashion industry, fashion marketers and designers simply cannot waste any resources or time. They must necessarily get things right the very first time. There is hardly any scope for a second chance as they would get caught up by the competition. Fashion brands must be aware of the current market trends and accordingly craft an effective and sound marketing stratagem that guarantees effective outcomes in the form of more leads and conversions! 

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