Are you looking for that special gift, and have no idea what to get someone special in your life. This year there are reasons behind my gifts, I like for them to have a meaning to why I choose this and that. While we are so far away from our family, this year we have tried to make them feel well-loved. And the people here as well. electronics always puts a smile on people's faces.


When it comes to music , there is always someone playing some in the house, my brother-in-law was a DJ back in the day, and he loves anything that has to do with music and playing it. When I was looking for his gift, I found the perfect karaoke Machine , this one has a speaker that goes on the top and everything , has a place to be stored.

VocoPro Karaoke System





While other portable systems move aimlessly from place to place, the Drifter by VocoPro takes a direct line to your party/karaoke function whether indoor or outdoors.

The Drifter’s groundbreaking Quick Assembly design combines line array speakers into a rechargeable all-in-one karaoke system.

  • 120 Watt RMS/1500 Watt Peak Line array design covers wider area with rich, vibrant sound
  • 4-6 Hour Rechargeable battery allows unit to be placed anywhere with or without electrical outlet
  • Great for DJ, karaoke, meetings and bands
  • Woofer is lit by a Multi-Color LED Light, with ON/OFF switch, which dances to the beat
  • Get hours of Music entertainment from units built-in Bluetooth, USB MP3 player, FM and line input
  • Sing with thousands of karaoke songs on YouTube? via Bluetooth with your tablet or phone
  • Jam along with two mic inputs and two guitar inputs
  • Professional echo effect for microphone
  • Includes one pro wired microphone


Drifting away from the norm, this stellar piece of audio equipment will soon drift its way into your favorite place of entertainment. We have many nights of great music and so much fun, listening to some oldies This is a great system and comes to with a wired microphone, making it so much fun.


My Audio Pet 


If you're looking for something that's little, and wont take up much room. The My Audio pets is the way to play music. The tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT Bluetooth speaker on the planet wants to come home with you! This little guy will bring the fun and joy of music and dance back into your home.

Not only will you get Sound Beyond Size, when your music firsts blasts from your device, but when you pair two My Audio Pets, you also get true wireless stereo (TWS) technology!

Easily sync two My Audio Pets to almost any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices and stream music straight to these powerful little guys, getting true left channel / right channel stereo sound. Awesome! Though not much bigger than a golf ball, the sound quality is incredible, crystal-clear and powerful.



My nephew loves stuffed animals, we are always looking for new and different ones for him. He has his Elmo and his build a bear that his parents made for him that looks like a alligator super hero. The Noodley is a teddy bear that lights up. Simple to use and has a off and on button. Automatically turns off lights after 10 minutes. Perfect to help little ones fall asleep. Conserves battery life. 

The bear is very soft and fun even without the lights, and so far we haven't had any issues with little fingers insisting on opening up the back zipper — but the battery box requires a screwdriver to open, so even if/when he gets super curious, it feels contained and safe.

Measures 14″ from head to toe and 11″ in the sitting position. Safe LED lights are low voltage that emit no heat. Total of 12 LED Lights change colors in a random soft soothing pattern. Give the gift of our colorful light up teddy bear and see their eyes light up!

They have a variety of different products , there is something for all the kids on your list.



Like I have said in many of my posts , we love music and half the time you will hear my niece and nephew blasting theirs.  This year as one of their gifts we are giving them some , SOUNDOT AF1 FM Headsets. Now we wont have to listen to their music and can listen to some of our own.  iPhone and iPad users can access FM radio anywhere in the world without requiring access to Internet by WiFi or 3G or LTE connections.

With these you are able to pick up FM radio stations, no matter where you are. These have a lightning connector and plug right into the newer iPhones.

The volume toggle works well and the function button does play/pause, skip, rewind, and activate Siri. To use the FM radio function you actually have to download

The Soundot app on your phone and connect it with either your GMAIL, TWITTER, or Facebook account


Do you always worry about whats happening outside, and your inside. We get tons of packages here and we cant see what is dropped off if we are in the living room. I have been looking for something that will help my sister see, who and what is around her front yard.

Maximus Smart Coach Light – With Camera is the perfect lighting and camera combo. Now we can get the perfect lighting and she can see what is going on outside.

Amazon Alexa can now control your Kuna powered smart lights! Kuna is a smart home security camera in a stylish outdoor light that detects and allows you to interact with people outside your door.Kuna powers a range of HD outdoor home security cameras and smart lights that you control from your smartphone — feel safe and secure knowing you are protecting your family and home, no matter where you are

The app worked as expected and I was easily able to get the light on my home network. It allows you to turn the light on and off from the app. You can set it to automatically turn on the light at night and off in the morning. The camera has good video quality.

Easy to install and this has saved us on packages, and people we don't want to answer the door too. Are you looking for something that will make you feel safe, then this is the product for you.



SecureUSB BT



Keep your most valuable pictures, videos and files safe! SecureUSB BT is the first and only hardware encrypted thumb drive that you can unlock with your smartphone, tablet, wearable or similar mobile device (DataLock® app available for download at the app store Apple/Android). They are software free and operating system independent, meaning it will work on DVRs, Game Consoles, Laptops, PCs, Servers,

Workstations and any other device with USB ports. With the best hardware encryption technologically possible, you can ensure that your information will be safe. Simply plug your flash drive into your USB device, open the DataLock® app, enter in your password or use TouchID/FaceID (Apple Only) to unlock the drive, and you are ready to go. Encrypted hard derives have been helping general consumers and business alike keep their data safe. Now keeping your data safe is easier than ever with the first ever hard drive that is managed and unlocked from your phone!



Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting


The Luminoodle TV Backlight improves contrast ratios through a balanced white backlight. Watching TV in a dark environment affects the way our eyes react to light, and black looks more like gray. Turning on lamps in the room, however, results in glares on the TV screen. Illuminating your TVs background improves contrast levels by preventing grays and blacks on your screen from being washed out and improves the image on your screen without the need for light sources that cause a pesky glare.

Setup was pretty straightforward, especially using my TV's 5v USB port. I didn't want to use the sticky 3M on the LED's, as I wanted it easier to remove when I upgrade my TV, so I used electrical tape to secure it to the back of the TV instead and though it looks tacky, no one is gonna see or notice it besides me and my cat lol. Because this strip is so long, I had extra left over but I didn't want to cut it because I want the extra length for my new TV, so I just laid it across the middle in the back of the TV for extra back lighting

Have been using this for a month and we love it. Will want to get more lights like this to have around the room.

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