My niece decided to put on press on nails. The ones I used are the Elegant Touch Glitter and Shine Blue Short nails.
Let me explain to you why these are better than the normal ones. Nail glue will do more damage to your nails, there's no way around it. BUT, these come with adhesive tabs, which basically work like double sided tape. You find one that fits your nail, and peel it from the plastic. Press it onto your nail and smooth it out. Then, you remove the clear plastic from the top, and press the nail on. Hold it for 5 seconds, and you're good to go. These don't damage your nails the same way that glue does. Also, these are supposed to hold your nails on better.

And my niece loves them she couldnt wait to try them out. I ws sent three different ones and the first one she wanted was the blue ones so I helped her.

The kit comes with 24 nails, in 10 varying sizes. I didn't have any issues finding nails that fit me perfectly. It also comes with nail glue, if you'd rather use that than the adhesive tabs. It also has a small nail file and nail art stickers, which I have not used yet.



The glue tabs were quite easy to use (peel off from sheet, press on your own nail, remove protective layer and PRESTO), but I did find the job of separating the glue tab from the sheet a very finicky affair. A few times, half the sheet ripped off along with the glue tab until I wedged my nail between the sheet and the glue tab. I think this could definitely be improved.

About the actual process of applying the nails: each package comes with clear instructions. The step by step process is as such:

1) Prepare nails by removing nailpolish or other residue by giving your nails a quick swipe of nailpolish remover + clipping them as short as possible

2) Lay out the appropriate sizes of fake nails for both hands, which enables you to just tack each of them on in the right order. File down if necessary.

3) Choose glue tabs that cover as much as possible of your nail width-wise, or cut down a larger size before applying them to your nail. It is very important to have the glue tabs fit your nail in width, because otherwise liquids or other stuff can easily creep under the sides of your fake nails which loosens the bond between glue, nail and fake nail in NO time.

4) Apply glue tabs

5) Apply fake nails by aligning them with your cuticle, attaching it to the base of your nail by holding the fake nail angled, and then pushing down the end of the nail.

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