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There's a great new product called elektrokidz. I was given the chance to review this. It really reminds me of the toys we had growing up called trolls. The elektrokidz is very cute. WowWee has a new improved version of my childhood favorite toy called Elektrokidz. Each of the six different Elektrokidz comes with a pair of stylin shades, and a spare set of batteries. Why batteries? Because these trolls are hair dancing fools. When the beat drops, their hair bops and moves to the beat. Each of the Elektrokidz has a different hair movement, no two are the same! The Elektrokidz come in 6 different finishes: black matte, black glossy,  brushed steel, chrome, matte white, and shiny gold.

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This little guy makes me smile. I just haven’t made myself put him away yet. You cannot look at this little troll whose hair is dancing along to your radio and not smile. With or without his sunglasses, this guy is great. The box says the toy is for ages 6 and up. This is a great toy for your child for Christmas. This is definitely on my sons Christmas list. I even think I may have to get one for my sisters. I think they would love these Elektrokidz. For more information click here.

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