They say the first impression is the last. When it comes to your home, your lawn is among the first things that people see. If you have not yet committed to a lawn care plan, then you are risking the health of your family members from pests and insects lurking in your yard. Here is a look at the biggest threats to your lawn that you need to be aware of. It is best to take action now before they become major trouble for your family.


Insects and animals


One of the biggest reasons why people go for professional lawn care services Chesterfield VA is because of insects and animals damaging the lawn. The types of insects and animals that can cause harm to your lawn vary based on several different factors. These can include the weather, the protective set up around your yard, or even the area where you live. Of the two major threats, it is the former that tends to be more insidious because you might not notice any damage until it gets worse.


Lack of nutrients


Apart from sun and water, your plants and trees on your lawn need a lot of essential nutrients to survive. While soil usually provides nutrients, and there are some areas where soil quality is not that good. The answer that many people know to this problem is to introduce fertilizer, which is designed to provide nutrients. You don't realize is that you need to understand the science to apply fertilizer correctly—just dumping it all won't cut the bill. Professional help is best called upon to do the job right.


Invasive plants


It is not just animals that can be a threat to your lawn—other plants can be just as damaging. Weeds, for example, can creep into your lawn and crowd out your grass and flowers. Sometimes, this results in your plants being blocked from sunlight. Most times, it means that your plants have competition when it comes to getting nutrients from the soil. The difficulty with weeds is that it is a bit complicated to differentiate them from the grass, which only trained professionals offering lawn care services in Chesterfield, VA can handle effectively.


Not Having a Professional to Maintain Your Lawn


Surprisingly, the biggest threat to any lawn is a lack of care from homeowners. It may be due to the absence of prioritization, which can get a lawn damaged quicker than most people realize. Apart from aesthetics, an uncared for lawn can be harmful to families. It can become a breeding ground for undesirable insects and can hide hidden threats that cause physical harm—like overgrown roots.


If your lawn is starting to show signs of wear and damage, it is high time to get it fixed, maintained, and nurtured. If your lawn is in pretty good shape, it enhances the overall beauty of the house and makes your neighborhood look greener. 


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