Recently. Had received the Elli and nooli recordable pal. It is very cute and cuddly soft. It is easy to record your message or song on. One button to push for your child to play. I left a message on it for my son. I figured it would help when he misses me. He can just push the button and hear my voice. This is not only a good idea for a child but for a birthday gift. You can leave a birthday message and give for a gift. logo The most comforting and loved sound for a baby is the voice of his/her parent. As every baby is different, personalize the sounds you play to your special loved one in ANY language or style of songs you choose. Whatever you choose to record (up to 20 seconds) will repeat in a loop for half an hour! Comfort your baby with the most relaxing sound- your voice. The RecordablePal™ Owl Plush was developed by a mother of 2 with the philosophy that a healthy baby needs a healthy parent and both could use some help in order to relax… *Patent pending RecordablePalTM  is so easy to operate!! The RecordablePal™ Owl Plush can record ANY voice or sound without pre- recorded playbacks. In one button press you record whatever you like and in one button press you start (or stop) the 30 minutes loop. For more information click heremt_s.

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