It’s better to take control of your own life. Especially when you aren’t feeling your best. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you don’t look so good. For me I always keep an eye on what my body tells me. When I feel a body ache, I know a simple stretch won’t help me. I need something with more depth, such as, hemp products. Empower Bodycare has some neat plant based CBD infused topicals that are quite effective.

When your body hurts, plain and simple, it’s telling you to care for it. With Empower Bodycare, they have topical products that you can gently massage on your ache to help it feeling better sooner. Did you know, they have been around for seven years? That is a long time! Seven is a lucky number, and their thousands of customers shows that with Empower CBD products you are sure to get better.

After I have been running around all day, I love using my Empower CBD luxury salts. It is a high potency formula of 250 MG of CBD. I run a bucket of lukewarm water and I add two tablespoons of salt. I then sit and soak my feet in the bucket for a bout twenty minutes. The feeling of soaking your feet in CBD salt is very relaxing and the pulsating feeling inside my feet start to disappear. Along with the foot soak and a nice foot rub, I am feeling happier and pain free.

After my invigorating foot soak, I always want something to rub into my feet since they have a tendency to crack. I really enjoy the Empower CBD body oil. This oil has five-hundred MB of CBD. Not only does it help with aches, but it also softens and hydrates my skin. On my calluses, it absorbs fast so I am not left with a greasy feeling. I appreciate that so much.

For the rest of my body, especially my elbow pain, I like using Empower CBD body cream. There are three scents in the Luxe collection. The scents in this collection are so heavenly. There is the Lemon Verbena, Lavender and Bergamot, and Peppermint Juniper. My favorite is the Peppermint Juniper, because it reminds me of Christmas. All the body creams are combined with Aloe, essential oils, and organic oils.

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