Enchanted Beautiful Flowers

When coming home after a stressful day, I want to see something uplifting in my home. For me, I am a visual person who appreciates beauty in even the smallest things. But when presented with a bouquet of flowers, my goodness, all of my senses are heightened in the most alluring way! Have you ever heard of the branch, Enchanted Express Flowers? They are based in California, but they ship all over the nation.

Enchanted Express Flowers

I am so in awe with the work Enchanted Express Flowers can do. Each bouquet is delicately put together as a masterpiece! Just one look in the direction at one of their bouquets, and you will feel like you are transported to a beautiful paradise. I have never in my life been blessed to experience one of their gorgeous bouquets until now and I am so in love.

Collections Galore!

Enchanted Express has a plentiful choice in their collections. You’ve got the classic, signature, one of a kind, the concept, and some adorable plants. Looking at each choice from all the collections and nothing ceases to amaze me. They are all so beautiful that I would be proud to display any of them inside my home. They have absolutely earned their prestige and popularity in five star resorts and have been showcased in celebrity events.

Shipped In Tact

My beautiful bouquet was perfectly shipped to me overnight from Los Alamitos, California to West Texas. The bouquet stayed in place and was perfectly packaged as not to shake around in the box. When I opened it, it was like Christmas, because you definitely felt that someone wanted to gift you a little piece of paradise. I sure felt a warm, cozy and cherished feeling inside.

My beautiful Enchanted Express bouquet had some unique spreads that you would hardly find at a local grocery store flower section. Included in my bouquet were the hints of orchids, proteas, thistles, lily grass and other beautiful greenery. I’ve honestly never seen an artichoke-like plant in my entire life and seeing that beautiful proteas wedged inside there was breathtaking. Feeling it too, with its soft fur-like petals was an experience to be reckoned with. The smell in my house was captivating. A soft subtle smell of florals was definitely permeating my home. 

I am happy that it came with a packet of flower food and a very beautiful gold vase. The instructions were printed on the side of the box on how to care for the ever so lovely and delicate bouquet.

I am so happy with Enchanted Express. Each plant kept alive until it got to me and in tact! I am beyond impressed! Actually I feel, very blessed!

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