OK, whisper it quietly, but we don’t have too many days of summer left before fall is upon us. In the next couple of weeks Labor Day will have come and gone, the kids will start going back to school, and the temperatures will take a nosedive. It’s hopefully been an awesome summer, and you can enjoy the rest of it while it’s here, but it’s also time to start thinking about transitioning from the summer season to fall. Our homes can be a bit neglected when the weather outside is nice, and it’s time to start making sure it’s fit for purpose for the months ahead.

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Packing away the Fun


If you’ve got children, then it will have been day after day of fun in your garden, as they soak up all that summer has to offer. Now that those days are soon to be behind us, it’s time to begin storing away those items that made the warm weather so enjoyable. That means packing away the BBQ, folding up the kiddie pool, and putting a protective cover over the children’s swing set. You’ll see them again next year!


Checking the Fireplace


It’s understandable that the fireplace and chimney get neglected during spring and summer, but you’ll be using it again in a few short weeks. Have it serviced so that it’s working as it should: there’s nothing worse than being unable to use a fireplace when the weather is cool.


Plugging the Gaps


Summer’s are mostly filled with long sunny days, but there’s another aspect to the season too: epic storms. While these are fun to watch, they can cause untold damage to our properties, including to our roofs and gutters. If you’ve had some memorable storms this year, find a roof repair company to check that no damage has been done, and take a close look at the gutters. These issues are easy to resolve when the weather is nice, more problematic when heavy rain is falling during fall.


When The Weather Is Fine


It’s going to be a long time before your garden is given the TLC it needs to look its best, so take care of all the small details while you still have the chance. Cutting the grass, pruning the hedge, fertilizing the lawn, and cutting back any problematic trees will all have your garden looking respectable over the next few months, even when you don’t want to brave the cold to make it look pretty.


Take Care of the Decor


It’s not just the practical sides of your home you should be changing, either: you can also work on the interior decoration. Dot a few candles around the house, switch our your light and bright cushion covers for darker tones, and add a few throws and rugs to your living areas.


Final Thoughts


No-one’s saying you should put the BBQ away overnight, but thinking about these things over the coming weeks will make the transition all the easier to handle, and will have your home ready for what’s up ahead too.


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