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One among many of Australia’s traditions that could, in fact, represent an ingenious marketing strategy is its favor towards gambling. On average, each adult spends approximately (AUD) $1500 each year for the habit, more than any other country in the world. By comparison, the United States citizen averages maybe $600 per year while an Irish individual might go as far as $800. 


Video Poker, or (EGM) electronic gaming machines, commonly referenced in the country as “pokies” are the most popular among the people. These are reminiscent of slot machines with spinning reels that reveal poker hands resulting from the spin. 


The price for each game is minimal. Still, the payout can be substantial, with pokies being responsible for nearly half of the revenue generated in Australia’s gambling industry. 


What Is The Draw For Australia To Gambling?


With a population unremarkable in size compared with most countries, the pokies outnumber any other country. Unbelievably, you’ll find many of them in a hotel, see https://www.wrestpoint.com.au/accommodation-wrest-point, as opposed to in a casino. That doesn’t mean there are few casinos; it merely means there are that many pokies.


Aside from this form of gambling, Aussie’s also enjoy lotteries, sports betting, and racing. There is speculation as to the reason for the draw to this particular entertainment medium. Some of these include:


** The Cultural Tradition And History


From the colonial days tracing back to the 18th century, gambling played an integral role with Australia as a “risk and reward” culture. At the end of the day, the habit is a method of entertaining in the same way as seeing a film or attending a concert (only there’s the potential for losing significant monies); it was merely an aspect of their social heritage, at the time.


Gambling has always had a negative stigma that followed it in many cultures causing people to shun the habit and those participating. But in the last several decades, the stigma is fading with there being acceptance and more widespread availability.


The Wrest Point casino development in 1973 and expansion in 1980 reflected this, making Australia the leader in creating a new tolerance for the sport, with other countries following soon after. 


** Ingenious Marketing Strategy / Generating Revenue


Governments can benefit significantly from the revenue, particularly “pokies,” generated by casinos, the hotel industry, and sports betting. The video poker machines are responsible for more than half of the gambling industry’s tax revenue. 


The monies go back to taking care of the states and territories, for development and growth, and to provide for the citizens. Ultimately, the people playing the games are contributing to the land in which they live. That’s how the cycle works.


Using this industry in the capacity of a marketing tool is ingenious for Australia. The notion entices citizens to spend money for entertainment in each state and territory and also encourages foreigners to visit, in turn, increasing tourism for the beautiful country. 


If you prefer to avoid gambling, there’s still an innate curiosity to learn what's happening in the surrounding areas. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries with so much to see and do. Many people go merely to enjoy the countryside – and some even choose to stay. View here to see what the future has in store for pokies for Australian citizens. Most likely, Aussies won’t be letting go anytime soon. The pandemic might slow things down for everyone somewhat, but it won’t eliminate what has become a beloved tradition.

Are Pokies A Problem For The Average Australian?


The pokie machines are more seductive to the younger generation, and, unfortunately, the aged population with an addiction to the sport began in their teenage years with the poker games. 


A “problem player” is one who loses as much as (AUD) $20,000 in a year. It does seem like that would be a serious addiction. Still, if you play at an aggressive pace, you can lose as much as $1500 in less than an hour. To play at that level means you’re either well off or creating a serious threat to your household finances.


The idea is to develop a budget if you intend to gamble using only disposable money. You should never include money that’s specifically for daily or monthly responsibilities. Make sure that you either take that money with you separate from your expense account. That way there’s no temptation to tap into those funds. When the disposable money disappears, you’ll need to stop playing.


The problem people run into when an addiction begins to develop is they have access to the entire household funds when playing. Once you lose, it becomes a battle to attempt to win it back. Before you know it, your whole account depletes. 


Fortunately, most people understand the games serve as entertainment and don’t think of playing in the sense of merely winning money. The moment you begin to view it as a way to gain monetarily, you should walk away for a while. 


Final Thought


No matter where you live in the world, gambling is a sport that goes back centuries. Even as a small child, kids bet with each other over the most trivial of things. But it doesn’t always have to be about money. Some people play games or make bets using a wide range of options as a “jackpot” like jellybeans, peanuts, or a variety of collectibles.


For a long period of time, gambling had an association with “saloons” or bars back in the day and carried a specific negative stigma for some people. As time passes, that stigma is fading more. People are growing accepting of gaming as it means to be a form of entertainment. It’s becoming more accessible with the industry growing substantially in each country. 


Australia, with its pokies, is a gambling industry leader. People come from around the world to stay in Hobart, where you can find accommodations and games in one setting.


Is gambling a problem for Australia? Is it an addiction? It depends on who's judging.

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