Disclosure-editedAfter a long week of chasing little monsters, wiping butts and being the Mom Taxi a girl needs to unwind and relax. It’s so easy for us mom’s to forget about taking some “ME” time. Eventually, that lack of “ME” time catches up and ends up in an explosion of epic proportions. Finally, you wind up feeling extremely guilty over later! I have finally learned to make myself a priority. I indulge in things I like, chocolate (no sharing with kids) or an adult movie that has scenes not suitable for children (because if I hear ELMO again I will pull off my ears and feed them to the cats).lbdwinesI also indulge in a good glass of wine!  Little Black Dress Wines make a worn out mom feel important and relaxed without having to go out all the time. And let's face it, I expire by 10pm anyway so who’s going out anywhere? Wine is also a great excuse to lure a mommy friend over for a evening nightcap (or a midday refresher). Yes, that is right I lure my friends over with wine! Ask any one of my darling mom friends, when I need adult conversation my go to move is to tempt them with a glass of yummy wine! (and yes! it does work!).lbdwines3Little Black Dress Wines are the perfect Ladies Night Out (or in) wine. The labels are sleek and modern not overly flashy. The variety of lbd wines appeal to women. SO, who not better to have created lbd Wines than a women herself, Margaret Leonardi. Margaret has devoted herself to creating a wine that appeals to women both in looks and taste (if I may say so myself, mission accomplished!). LBDWINES1The lbd Chardonnay has and alcohol vol of 13.5%. It includes 10% additional varieties of white wines to give it it’s unique flavors. The flavors that really come out in the wine are the oak and the pear but also included are some apple and vanilla notes as well. It’s a bit on the dry side as some Chardonnay’s can be but it was not overwhelmingly dry. This lbd Chardonnay will pair well with, shellfish, mahi mahi, or a nice chicken and pasta dish.lbdwines2In contrast to the Chard was the Cabernet Sauvignon, which has an alcohol vol of 13.5% as well. Included in this red wine is 16% additional varieties of reds that uniquely define this Cabernet as an lbd wine. The robust flavors that shine within this bottle are berries, oak, spice and a subtle hint of vanilla. This lbd Cabernet will pair very nicely with a, Chargrilled Steak, a good quality burger, Gouda or a nice lamb steak.

What is your favorite wine to drink?

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