It is no secret that I enjoy wine.  I am picky, though.  It has to be good, not terribly dry (in my opinion of course), but not sicky sweet either.  I taste many wines because tasting seems to be my favorite thing to do.  When I find a wine that I really like, I get really excited.

I recently had the pleasure to try Cooper's Hawk  wine.  I tried a few red wines.  It was crisp and really quite good.  As if good wine wasn't enough,  they also sell wine accessories.  Talk about one stop shopping, I can order everything I would ever need and have it delivered right to me!

Now when you have wine, you definitely need the accessories.  Whether it be the aerator to allow the air to mingle with the wine as you pour, or a pourer (which also acts as an aerator and they have very cute ones, including a golf one for the person who golfs and seems to have everything!), openers of course, stoppers, totes to carry wine in, they have it all.

Now I also discovered something that I was extremely excited about.  It is called the Corkcicle canteen.  Seriously I love this thing.  It keeps drinks cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12.  Now, in the morning when I get up and drink coffee, especially in the winter, my coffee gets cold pretty quick.  I do not want cold coffee in the winter.  I have tried sealed cups and at the very most can get maybe an hour out of it.  I don't always drink my coffee that quickly.  To have to keep putting it in the microwave over and over is the pits (and with stainless steel travel mugs I can't even do that).  Now I am not going to lie and say that I actually had coffee that I had not finished for 12 hours but I have had coffee from morning to lunchtime and it was still hot enough and to me that is a definite score.  Likewise, the last thing I want when I want something cold to drink is for the drink to be warm because it has sat there.  I put cold water or iced tea (or wine, wink wink) and it keeps it nice and chilled.  There is nothing more I could ask for, especially on a hot day when all it takes it seems is 15 minutes for my drinks to need to be chilled and using ice let's face it, that is fine a couple of pieces but using ice time and time again over the course of a drink because it is not cold only serves to water it down and unless it IS water, I do not want my drinks watered down!.

Of course, in order to drink wine you need to put it some sort of glass and they have plenty of those too, including stemless glasses like ones that have the Cubs etched on it and of course the more traditional stemmed glasses and champagne flutes.

The other thing I found that I was like a kid with a new toy was a decanter.  Of course I have heard of decanters so it is not like I had never seen one and that is what caught my attention, it was the type of decanter.  It is like a serving decanter.  I don't know what else to call it.  You put the wine in, and it stays there and you dispense it into the glass.  The first thing I thought in my head was, “It's like a coffee dispenser for wine!”  I have seen coffeepots that dispense, even lemonade and iced tea holders but never something like this and let me tell you, when I am entertaining and I do not have to worry about people knocking over bottles or misplacing the stopper or losing the aerator or having to keep open bottles I am a happy person.  Anything that makes my life easier, and this certainly does.  Even just for me putting the wine in there and just dispensing it when I want it is awesome.  It is one of those things that you never knew you needed but once you have you never want to be without!

There is one thing that I am sad about Cooper's Hawk – that  I cannot visit personally myself because there are none near me! They do sell wine, have a wine club, sell gourmet foods even, from their online gift shop, but they have restaurants located in  Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia, so if you are lucky to live in one of those states you can go directly to their website and see if there is one near you – I am sure that their food is as awesome as their wine and would love to try it! For now I will have to be content and thankful they have items I can order and be delivered!!

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