Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

Air Fryer

Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

Cooking is something I have to do because my family has to eat, but I really don't like to cook so when I come across a kitchen appliance that saves me time and is easy to use I needed to share with our readers!  I've been hearing about how I need an AIR FRYER from all my friends but fried food is not one of my favorite things so it wasn't a priority.

WOW…was I wrong! When the Dash Compact Air Fryer arrived at my door I was excited to use but didn't know what to make, so I made fries. When I think of fried food, fries are the first thing that pops into my head…OMG loved the fries.  Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

Now you can enjoy your favorite fried foods without the guilt when using the Dash Compact Air Fryer. AirCrisp™ technology rapidly circulates air to cook ingredients and keep the signature crispy quality of fried foods, while eliminating the need for oil. Air frying reduces added fat by 70-80% without sacrificing flavor.


Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt The Dash is a way to cook your favorite fried foods without the oil and the mess. Plus it is super easy to use, put the food in and turn on.

My teen son who can't even make a can of soup now uses the Dash almost everyday.  He has been eating a lot more at home.  My teen daughter isn't a fan of fried food either but I explained to her that no oil is used so she tried some fries too and yes she is cooked too.

Easy and Healthier Food For My Family

Our Dash Air Fryer is used every day! I'm been having so much fun trying different recipes and can't wait to try more.  The first meal I made was Chicken Taquitos.  My first batch turned out a little too crispy but still yummy.  I turned down the heat and tried again and BAM best taquitos I've ever had.  I've made taquitos 3 times in 2 weeks.  My son's favorite food is corn dogs and my daughter's favorite is apple slices.

Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

As a mom, I want to serve my family healthy food and the Dash allows me to do this for them.  The Dash is affordable and I know everyone should have one in their kitchen, well just my opinion. This high-tech appliance is the perfect gift for the busy family.

Features & Benefits

  • AirCrisp™ technology “fries” ingredients without oil.
  • Compact size stores easily in any kitchen.
  • 1.2L capacity is perfect for portion control.
  • Dishwasher safe parts eliminate extra messy surface areas.
  • 1000 Watts.

Love Grilled Sandwiches?Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

We do!  The Dash Kitchen Couture Sandwich Press is inspired by luxury designer handbags, the Dash Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker brings a touch of style to the simplest grilled sandwich. With powerful yet controlled dual heating elements, non-stick sandwich plates, and gold accents, this appliance is one hot little number.Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

This makes the best-grilled sandwiches!  My family uses this appliance a lot too.  We love that the sandwhices are not soggy but very crisp and yes so cute!  Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Food Without The Guilt

Dash has so many kitchen appliances and all of them will look fabulous in your kitchen or as a gift! Start cooking with DASH!



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