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I remember drinking tea with my grandmother in the evening, watching the sunset and talking and telling her everything that had happened that day. So many memories and I sure do miss her, but drinking tea helps keep her close to me. EnjoyingTea.com has such a variety and selection of tea sets, Cast Iron, Glass, Porcelain & Ceramic,  or Yixing Clay Teaware, that you will find the perfect set just for you, or you may find two or three sets. Oh and so many choices of teas. Which do I want to try first? Decisions, decisions, decisions.


My favorite at the moment from EnjoyingTea.com is Royal Court Fine Porcelain English Tea Set. It is so pretty with the purple floral pattern. My daughter's birthstone is amethyst and my grannys favorite color was purple – so purple has a extra meaning for me. We have been having tea together more often, it gives us time to sit back, relax and talk. I enjoy our tea time together, it is the best way to finish your day.

When I pass this set on to daughter and then to my granddaughter, she will be able to tell her about all of our talks. This beautiful set comes with 1 teapot, 6 teacups, 6 saucers, 1 cream holder, and 1 sugar holder. The teapot has an internal filter at the end of the teapot spout. This way any floating tea will not pour out into your cup.

EnjoyingTea.com also offers you all of the accessories that you may ever need. Any flavor, tea seat design, accessory you can think of EnjoyingTea.com offers you. They are reasonably priced for amazing good quality products.


I really LOVE the Double Wall Stainless Steel Flask With Cups. This doesn't work just for tea. With the lids being used as cups I can take homemade soup to work with me, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. The double wall helps it keeps your stuff hot OR cold for a longer period of time. This flask is made from food grade stainless steel that is BPA and lead free. Not only does it look pretty, it works great.

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