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Enlighten Your Kids With This

Enlighten Your Kids With This Amazing Subscription Box – It's Unlike No Other

Kids seem to rebel against learning but if it's done correctly they love to learn.  You can choose to enlighten them by force or by fun.  I'm sure we'd all choose the fun way if we could and now I have a way!  Maple Tree Education is a subscription box that comes every month and teaches children lots of important lessons and skills.  I love that they sent me 2 of their boxes and of course, my favorite is the Valentine's Day one.  This box is stuffed full of all of the fun goodies every kid loves to use and master.  They'll be taken on an adventure by giving them activities and crafts to finish.  The wonderful thing is that they give you everything you need!

These boxes are like no other because they're specifically made for kids ages 3-5 years old to prepare them for preschool.  This is amazing because this is the age group that often gets forgotten when it comes to crafts, activities, stories, etc.  It's also nice because they don't treat these little ones like babies and I know they love that.

A Box To Enlighten

Maple Tree has many subscription boxes to choose from including how often you'd like to receive boxes.  You can either choose a single box, a 6 month, or 12 month subscription.  Imagine how excited your children will be to get their very own package of fun and excitement every month!  When I talk about the word “enlighten” I'm not only talking about learning problem solving, etc. I feel like that could also relate to bonding with your child.  Not only will they love spending the quality time with a parent (or whomever) they'll also learn self confidence, responsibility, and so much more just from taking time for them. I know they'll certainly feel special!

So Many Subjects To Learn

With this innovative subscription box your little ones will learn about science and discovery, creative expression, all in a non-judgmental safe place for them to ask as many questions as they want.  I can't explain the importance of spending this quality time with them.

At Maple Tree they feel the Earth is an important place to be protected, as we all should.  They even use recycled materials to create the boxes, plus whenever possible they also use this in the other packaging.  I absolutely love a responsible company that wants to teach little ones to protect Mother Earth, don't you?

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