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Enlightening Toys For Kids

These Enlightening Toys For Kids Will Teach More Than Just Fun!

When it comes to toys nowadays there's an abundance to choose from.  Unfortunately, they're not all the same and they certainly don't all educate.  Let me show you some fantastic, enlightening toys your kids will love to play with.  I recently received Sorting Bears with Matching Bowls and Math Cubes from Edx Education.  These sets will teach kids how to have a blast and skills such as math, patterns, shapes, sorting, hand, and eye coordination, and so much more!  There are many classrooms that use these toys as teaching tools because they really work.  There's no better way to educate children than to do it while they're having fun.

Enlightening Kids Of All Ages

These sets have specific ages on the boxes but kids of all ages have been known to love them.  The Sorting Bears with Matching Bowls is for ages 3 and up and includes 68 pieces.  That means they'll get 60 bear counters, 6 colorful bowls, and 2 game spinners.  One spinner is for colors and the other is for numbers.  Of course, you'll also receive an activity guide to give you ideas on using the whole set.  However, if you're anything like me, you'll make up your own games with your kids.  Little ones can use these to sort, match, or count the bears while using the bowls.

The Math Cubes come in a set of 100 and these will inspire kids to count, learn their shapes, build, and so much more.  They snap together easily and quickly for ages 3 and up.  This set will help little ones learn fine motor skills while enjoying lots of fun activities.  Every cube has 5 shapes on each side and includes 10 colors.  They can use these for early math concepts and patterns, not to mention building fun creations.  The included activity guide will teach number problems, algebra, geometry, measurement, problem-solving, and reasoning.

Children learn best through play because we all remember skills when they're shown in a fun way.  Edx Education has many toys to choose from and I hope you enjoy them as much as my granddaughters did.  If you're interested in purchasing your own, please click on the links to take you to Amazon.

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