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How to ensure you end up with a comfortable wedding ring


It is a fact that not many men are fond of wearing rings. However a wedding ring is a must have for every groom and of course your wife will expect you to wear yours for all eternity. When you are choosing your wedding ring it is very important that you make sure it is comfortable on your finger. This piece of ornament will be on your finger and you should not want to throw it away.

When choosing your ring therefore, you should ensure you get one that is comfortable to wear throughout and that this comfort does not go away at any time. Get your wedding rings from a helpful jeweler that will accommodate all your concerns. Here are a few things you should know that will enable you to get a comfortable ring:

The design of the ring

The design of the ring you choose contributes a lot to how comfortable it will be. This is more so the design of the edges. A design with softly rounded edges is more comfortable as the edges will not eat into your flesh. Avoid rings with sharp edges that are angular. If you are going for a flat band, then consider one that has its inside edge rounded. The added internal curve with a soft edge is what makes the ring easy to wear all the time. Ask the jeweler to provide you with a ring that has a comfort curve, which refers to round internal curve.

The fit of the ring

How the ring fits your finger also will determine how comfortable you will be wearing it. This is the reason why experts advise wedding bands to be the right fit. The fit of the ring should be such that it is not too big nor too small. A big ring will no matter how slight will rattle against your flesh. The loose ring presents an irritating problem and you will probably find yourself anchoring it into place. A tight ring on the other hand will have a strong grip on your finger. Have the jeweler accurately measure your fingers for a right fitting ring. Choose a ring that you can adjust the in future should the need arise.

The size of the ring

The width of the ring you pick will depend on the size and length of your finger. It will also be a matter of personal choice. If your fingers are slender or you have small hands, a narrow width band that is around 5mm or lower can be an ideal fit. If your hands are bigger or the fingers longer, then a band wider than this can suit you well. However, a wide band can be uncomfortable especially if it goes beyond 7 mm. This is because the rings get tighter when they increase in width. If you have to get a large ring, you should have the jeweler give a slightly larger fit than your normal finger size to accommodate the additional tightness of the wider band.

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