I have bought those entertainment books from children that are selling them at school. I don’t know how many times my grandmother have bought those books. I know I see them use the coupons all the time and they save money by using them all the time.

She would u make sure she had her book when ever we went out in case we stopped to eat and she would get her discount, she used it for everything from eating to the movies to the stores you name it she made sure she had it.

What I like about this is the Entertainment books also have a website that you can print out coupons from they are the same as in the book. They have two memberships that you can pick from. You can get a book and access to the website for $15.00 or you can get all access to the website and also use your phone to redeem coupons instead of having the book.

They have coupons from Micheal’s craft store to Getaroom.com and everything in between. Their website is so easy to use and very clear in what you have to do to redeem the coupons. My friends love that store and its an easy site, not like others where you have a thousand things to go through to get there.

You just go click and print it out or if your on your phone you just pull it up and show it to the cashier at whatever establishment you are at. I have used mine a couple of times, saving money each time. I love this book .

Head on over and check out the Entertainment Coupon site.

The Great people at Entertainment is doing a giveaway for two of our readers to win an online access to their website. Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win !!!!

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