Entrepreneur.   That is a pretty fancy word.  According to the definition on dictionary.com, entrepreneur means a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.  So basically, it is a fancy word for someone who runs a business.  Grace Lever Reviews

Now maybe you have an idea of starting a business for yourself and becoming an entrepreneur.  After all, just look at all the people on Shark Tank.  All you need is an idea and you can become the next big thing.  In fact, I have an item in mind that I swear by that I saw on that program itself and I buy it all the time.  You have a good idea or a need that people have, you can start a business and really make a name for yourself.

Did you ever hear the phrase “It Takes A Village?”  Well, sometimes the same holds true with business.  You can have the best idea in the world or the best services but if you are unwilling to listen to others or let other people help, you are bound to run into some problems, whether it be that you burn out yourself or miss an opportunity or idea. Let's face it – you cannot know everything and cannot think of everything, let alone DO everything.  You need collaborators to help.

When I say collaborator, I am not necessarily talking about a partner or someone who will get all the credit and glory for your idea.  I mean someone who maybe has an idea of making your product or service better, or someone to help you behind the scenes, someone you trust so you do not have to do everything yourself.

How many times do I buy a product or get a service and before you know it, they come out with a newer model which is better or they add something to the service that maybe I didn't get when I got it.  That comes from listening to people give ideas or suggestions to make the product or service better.  You cannot close your mind to change no matter how great you think the service or product is.  Someone else will always think of something that you did not think of yourself, and it could be big boost for you.  Likewise, if you are doing everything yourself something is going to suffer somewhere so better to get people you trust to help you out.  If you show your appreciation and say thank you once in a while, it goes a long way and your business is only as good as the people you have working for you and if there is good morale you will have people who like coming to work and will do their best to make your company the best, and you will be able to take a breather once in a while and not do every little thing yourself.

The beginning will be hard, starting up a new venture is risky and takes a lot of time and dedication, but once things start going and you start making a name for yourself you will want to listen to others' ideas, have people help you, and maybe someone will even be able to think of a better way to do something that is easier than the way you have been doing it.  You will never know unless your mind is open to collaboration.

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