Owning your first horse can be an incredibly exciting experience! Maybe you've ridden one before and decided to make it your hobby, or maybe you've rented a horse before and decided it was time to own one yourself. Either way, owning a horse also means providing it with the equipment you need to keep it healthy and ride it when you're at the stables. New riders might have a lot to learn about horse supplies, but there's an easy list you can follow to make sure your horse has at least the very basic necessities.

Stable Equipment

The first consideration is where your horse lives: the stable. You'll want to make sure you have the correct equipment to keep your horse fed, watered, and in clean living quarters. The first item is a feeding pan so your horse has its own place to eat while in its stall. Sure, they can graze when let out in the pasture or snack from feed bins with other horses, but having their own space is just as important. Be sure you have a secure feed container to keep the excess safe from rodents who might snack on it as well. You also want to provide a water trough or large buckets for your horse to drink from. If you live in a cold environment, you'll to invest in a water heater to keep it from freezing. Depending on if you're renting space at a stable, you might need to buy cleaning equipment such as a stable broom, a pitchfork, or a wheelbarrow if they're not provided. Proactive Animal Health is the best way to make sure all your animals are well taken care of.

Riding Equipment

When thinking about riding a horse, a saddle springs into everyone's mind. Although this is an important element, it's not the only riding equipment you'll need. You'll also need a bridle, which slips over the horses head and helps to guide the reins, a bit for their mouth, and a saddlecloth to keep the saddle from rubbing uncomfortably on your horse's flanks. All of these go hand in hand with your saddle to make your horse comfortable and ready to ride. Make sure to take the time to consider the size of each item to ensure it will fit your horse correctly and not cause any undue stress or discomfort.

When you own a horse, you have to consider all of the equipment it'll take to keep them happy and healthy and ready for you to ride.

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