Have you heard about the recent trend of escape rooms? If you’re uninitiated, it essentially works like this. Team members are brought into a room and typically handcuffed or otherwise restrained, and the door is locked. A timer is started and the challenge is to figure a way out of the room. This is achieved by solving puzzles, riddles, unlocking locks, etc. in the allotted time period. It takes a variety of skills to be successful, including logic, math, puzzles, decoding and strategic thinking.

Escape rooms make excellent team building games Toronto business owners. This is true for several reasons. First of all, they are fun! It’s a real challenge to try to figure out how to get out of the situation, and although you know that you could have the door unlocked at any time (many places will actually leave the door unlocked if you prefer) there is a certain rush of adrenaline and danger that comes with feeling as though you are in a perilous situation even when you aren’t. Getting out of the office and working on a fun project such as an escape room is a great way to release tension and have a little fun.


These activities are also a fantastic way to foster better interpersonal relationships among members of a team. Each person’s strengths will come to light as the team moves through the challenges, and they will have to work together to achieve the common goal of escaping the room. Perhaps two of your team members have had some tension between them of late. Having to communicate with one another and lean on each other’s strengths to solve the puzzles and escape the room is a very effective way of breaking down communication barriers and moving two distant team members closer together. That will translate into a better working environment which, as a result, will increase the productivity as a whole.

Having a fun shared experience can do amazing things for the morale of a team. Those, “Remember the time we….?” Moments are very unifying and they can bring a team together in ways that might not be immediately obvious. Shared experiences boost a feeling of unity and of being a part of a team, which goes a long way toward increasing productivity, creating a positive workplace atmosphere and, as a result, increased profits.

If you own a business and are looking for a new and exciting way to motivate your team, or simply to reward them for a job well done, consider an escape room. There are all different kinds, each with its own theme and difficulty level, and each suited to teams of various sizes. You are sure to find one to best suit your team’s particular needs, skills and areas of expertise. You’ll come away from the experience more united, more motivated, with a better understanding of each other, and having had fun to boot!  What more could you ask for from a team building experience?

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