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Escape With A Bubble Bath

Pamper Yourself And Escape With A Bubble Bath

During these stressful times we can forget to take care of our mental health.  We all have our ways of escaping, but they're not always healthy.  Some people use smoking and others even worse.  This year escape with a bubble bath using Toa Waters.  They sent me the best smelling bubble bath called Caribbean Sands and boy did it create the bubbles!  I should've lit some candles around the tub, but I decided to just jump in and escape into another world.  The scent of this stuff is kind of like if a  coconut and flower had a baby.  It's so amazing.

Caribbean Sands Bubble Bath

This beautiful 16 oz. bottle will last me quite a long time because you don't need to use much.  This exotic stuff has a warm, earthy blend of mahogany, cedar, patchouli, and musk scent, which is how they explain it on their website.  Not only that, but they also add coconut, lime, vanilla, and rum.  I'm sure you can imagine how absolutely delicious that smells.  This would be so great to use in a gift basket for someone you love.

Escape From The Kids

Whether you have kids, wife, husband, or just too much stress, Toa Waters is the perfect escape.  Give yourself the gift of a little time to yourself.  We all need to relax and take the time without any guilt.  If you don't take a minute you can't be there for the ones you love.  At least not properly.  When we don't take care of ourselves we tend to get irritated and grumpy with the people around us.  I know this from experience!

These wonderful bottles of joy would be a great gift for teachers, mom-in-laws, friends, and anyone really.  Any occasion would work too.  Please take time for your sanity especially during this hard time on us all.

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