Essential Household Babyproofing Items

Essential Household Babyproofing Items

Is your child on the move? Time to baby-proof your home. Children are naturally curious, and if there is a way to get into things that should be left alone, your child will find it. When little hands grab items such as household cleaners, small objects, or electrical sockets, their curiosity can suddenly become dangerous. Baby proofing a home must be done thoughtfully. The job is way more manageable with a few tools available from most hardware stores. Read about essential household babyproofing items and keep your child safe from household hazards.

Essential Baby Proofing Accessories

When you think about it, there are numerous things in your home that are harmful in your baby’s hands: medicines, toiletries, beads and buttons, oven knobs, and heavy furniture that can be pulled over. Babyproofing kits are commercially available, but you can make your own by using these everyday baby proofing items.

  • Drawer locks: Safety latches on cabinets and drawers secure items in the kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms to prevent poisonings and other injuries. This way, you can deny access to the most caustic substances.
  • Corner guards: These cushion hard edges of tables, desks, and hearths to prevent injury during a fall. A pool noodle works as an excellent corner guard as it will grab to the corner to which you are applying. Pool noodles are soft and will absorb knocks from little heads.
  • Outlet covers: These inserts prevent little fingers from poking into sockets and getting an electrical shock. So, which outlets should you cover? Every socket in your house that isn’t being used. Your child doesn’t know one socket from another, so it’s better to be safe.
  • Window protectors: It’s tragic to say, but every year children fall out of windows. Get a suitable protection device for any windows your child can reach, protecting them now and as they continue to grow. Also, blind and shade cords present a strangulation hazard. Keep them off the ground.
  • Safety gates: Temporary gates to use in doorways and in front of stairwells restrict access to wandering eyes. It’s essential to keep an eye on your child, but it can’t always be done. Gates will ensure your baby stays away from danger while you may be distracted.
  • Furniture anchors: Anti-tip kits prevent furniture or TVs from toppling over on children. Often, this means strapping a piece to the wall to keep it from tipping. Most modern TVs come with handles for strapping to the wall.
  • Doorknob covers: Let’s face it—you don’t want your child in every room. You can keep them out with doorknob covers. These gadgets make it difficult for children to turn a knob and enter a room. This comes in handy when restricting access to basements or unused spaces.

We hope learning the essential household babyproofing items helps you keep your child safe from emerging dangers as they become more mobile. Babies and children are inquisitive, but their curiosity can lead to trouble. Put together your babyproofing kit today.

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