essential garage sale items

essential garage sale items

Old clothes and items tend to pile up in our homes. The great thing is that you can make money off these items instead of them collecting dust. There are a few items you will need, in addition to what you will sell, for a garage sale to run smoothly. Here are some essential items for a garage sale.

Color-Coded Dots

To price your items, you will need to get a box of color-coded dots. This way you can mark the price of each item. You can even color coordinate based on the price range for the product it is, so you can keep everything in your sale consistent. Consider getting label protection, so you don’t have to concern yourself with potential damage.


There’s a high chance your garage sale will likely have a lot of clothes available. To assist your customers, provide a mirror by the clothes section, so they can see how items look on them. This can increase the chance of a sale. You can even sell the mirror.

Cash Register

Hopefully, a lot of cash will flow in and out of your garage sale. It’s important you keep all the money in one place with a cash register. You will also want a cash register with a lock on it, so you can keep your money protected.


It’s critical that you let the people in your area know a garage sale will happen, which is why you need to get signs. Try and place them at the main roads in your area and at busy intersections to get people’s attention. Make sure your sign includes a date and your address.


There may be some deals you might have to figure out, and what better item to use than a calculator. You don’t want to get cheated out of a deal, and you can even print customers a receipt off with certain calculator models.


You need to have plenty of tables to display all your items. This way you can layout everything, so it can be seen; you don’t want any items to potentially get lost. Just like the mirror, you can also sell the tables if you want.


While tables are great, there may also be items you can’t lay out on tables, like books or movies. This is where boxes come in handy, and you can store them underneath the tables. You don’t want people to guess at its contents, though, so put a huge label on the box to let your customers know what it contains.

Coat Rack

To properly display your clothes, make a coat rack of sorts, so your potential buyers can properly see what you have to offer. You can also make a huge makeshift one, so all of your clothes fit. One way you can do this is by using two ladders and a long pole to connect them.


In addition to having a cash register, you will also want to have plenty of change available. Go to a local bank, and ask for $10 or so in change. This is because many items at your garage sale will likely cost less than a dollar and will require change.


The last essential item for a garage sale you need is for yourself. A garage sale is an all-day affair, which is why you need some chairs to lounge in. There should also be someone watching as customers shop at all times, and chances are you will not want to stand up all day.

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