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Nowadays it is pretty common for celebrities to shoot videos showing us what items they hold in their everyday carry bag, but, we wonder how many of those items they really need on a daily basis. That’s why we made a list of the essential items that one should have in their bag. Let’s check it out!

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Depending on your lifestyle there are some items that should never go missing from your bag such as a water filter and a high-protein snack, a mini first aid kit, and some other tools that might come in handy at times.

While celebrities usually show us make-up and other similar items, your bag should include more essential ones, according to your schedule and your lifestyle too. For example, if you’re the type of person that travels a lot, you should always be prepared for possibly dangerous situations that might occur, such as a car crash or someone following you.

There are some conditions that the items must fulfill: they have to be small enough to fit with ease in your everyday carry bag without making it heavy, they have to be useful and to act as self-defense tools if needed. You have to include in your bag some kind of tools that would help you open things like doors, or start a fire if needed.

In some emergency situations, you might find yourself needing to cut ties or other things, so your bag should include a sharp tool for cutting, but also something that would help you tie things. Don’t forget some communication equipment (usually a phone will do, but it wouldn’t hurt to include something like an emergency whistle as well). 

Besides all that gear, you should always have in mind an escape plan in case you get tied down or kidnapped and locked away somewhere. Some coded messages can save your life so be sure you have a person who you can trust who knows the special code and can help you in case of an emergency.

Another important detail is your gender. If you’re a lady, then you should include items like wasp or pepper spray in your purse. If you’re a guy, maybe you can rely on your strength to take down your attacker too.

Some of the most common items included in a casual everyday carry bag would be:

  • Water filters and a high-protein snack

One of the most common mistakes while preparing your carry bag is including a bottle of water as it is heavy and it can be a burden to carry around. That’s why, depending on your location, you should consider packing water filters instead.

  • Wallet and phone 
  • A first aid kit as you or somebody else around you might get hurt.
  • A multitool for cutting and unscrewing things.
  • A fire starting kit – either it’s a lighter or some waterproof matches, you should make sure you could light a fire in case you need one.
  • A flashlight
  • Some medication that you think it will come in handy

Remember, there’s no way to fit all the items you might need in your bag, that’s why it is important to only choose the essential ones. Your bag should not be a burden to you and it should not slow you down so think practical and choose only the right items for you!

Your bag should also be packed especially so that if you’re desperately needing an item, you can easily reach it. That’s why, we recommend you using the outside compartments for the items you will be needing the most, such as the first aid kit or the flashlight. 

Another useful piece of advice would be to always make sure that the heavier items are placed on the bottom of the bag, then the medium weight ones and the lighter ones are placed on top of them. This way, you’ll make sure that your spine won’t hurt and the bag will be much easier to carry around.

With all these things in mind, we hope you will be prepared for any kind of situation you will be facing. Any of these items could save your life in case of an emergency situation, so it is always better to be prepared – better safe than sorry!


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