Have you wanted to try out essential oils for first aid but were skeptical if they actually worked? I have a few awesome products from Oilogic for you to try that really do what they say. These essential oil enhanced products can be used alone or in addition to things found in your medicine cabinet to help ease daily symptoms of various ailments.

First up is the slumber & sleep collection of a roll on oil, lotion and bath additive. The Slumber & Sleep roll on essential oil, Calming Cream and Vapor Bath are all formulated to be safe to use on babies 6 months+. They contain 6 different essential oils and are gentle and effective to help your little one or even yourself to get a restful night sleep naturally. Start with a relaxing vapor bath to relax in and then moisturize with the calming cream and finish off with the Slumber & Sleep roll on essential oil on feet, wrists and neck to maximize the relaxing vapors. You can either purchase the Slumber & Sleep products separately or as a Slumber & Sleep Bundle of Joy Set.



Tis the season for getting sick and you don't want to be left without something to help soothe your flu symptoms. The Stuffy Nose & Cough Vapor Bath and essential oil roll on make a good pair to use together. Also if you suffer from allergies like I do, Itchy Eyes & Sneezes essential oil roll on would be a good edition to your oil arsenal.



First aid oil and ointment is something every mom needs in their diaper bag or purse when taking the little ones out to the park. Ouchies & Boo Boos essential oil Ointment and Bug Bites & Itches essential oil roll-on will bring fast relief to any minor bug bite like mosquitos or even fleas and simple scrapes on knees. Both of these products are safe for any child 2+ years and I can tell you first hand they work great. Living in the south, there are fleas here and I have dogs and have used the bug bites and itches on myself and within 2 minutes, the itch was gone.



This last Item I am telling you about is Relax & Calm essential oil roll-on. I have an almost 6 year old daughter with autism and she is hyper, to the point that you would think I gave her a pot of coffee. She also has melt downs and with applying this oil to her neck and wrists, she likes to sit and smell her wrists and she calms down with it on her. To me, it has a light citrus, almost lemony scent that is very relaxing. I have even used it on myself when I feel like I'm overwhelmed and need something to help bring a calm over myself. If you have anxiety then this might be something you would like to try. This essential oil is safe for 2+ years and up.


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