So you’re thinking about going fishing? That’s a great way to leave the house from time to time and have a day off. The good thing about fishing is that it’s not as dangerous and you won’t need to do much physical activity, so it’s quite suitable for people who don't really love the outdoors but still want to indulge in activities out in the wild. 


But before you grab that fishing stick and head to your local river, there are a few rules that you should consider to ensure you have the best time possible!

Go with a friend

Hanging out with a friend makes any activity twice as fun, right? So why not invite them to go fishing together. Even better if that friend is already experienced, so you’ll have someone to teach and supervise you on your first fishing trip. This is a good way to learn the ropes of fishing on the spot, while still having fun with your companion. If none of your friends are outdoorsy fishermen, try asking a neighbor or one of your colleagues from work. Fishing is the perfect way to bond with someone since you’ll sit around and wait for the big catch..usually quite a while. If you don’t have the luxury of knowing experienced fishermen or you just want to go alone and have some time to yourself, there are ways to prepare! You can find plenty of useful articles about fishing, you don’t need to talk to anyone or leave the comfort of your house and still learn the nitty-gritty aspects of fishing. So before you dive in, make sure you check out some texts and make the best of the info that’s right at your fingertips and you’ll know exactly what to expect on your fishing trip!

Bring everything you need and more

It’s always better to bring more than necessary, you’ll never know what you’ll need in the given situation, better be safe than sorry. But some items are crucial to ensure fun, but also a safe fishing trip. Once you get your rod, bait of choice, a few backup shooks, and lines since you can accidentally break or lose them, there are also items that are not as obvious and easily forgotten. Remember to bring water and food for yourself, you never know how long you’ll be out and about waiting for your big catch, stay hydrated, and have snacks with you at all times. Also, something to consider for your well-being is a small chair or a stool to sit on, standing all day definitely won’t make you love fishing as much, it should be fun and relaxing and not painful! And to be completely safe and sure, bring a small first aid kit and some medicine just in case, especially if you are far away from the city. For more information on fishing, read on here this will help you out too



Look out for the weather

Being mentally prepared to leave your cozy home and spend the day outside is sometimes daunting on its own, depending on how outdoorsy you are. But sometimes as much as you want to go out and have fun in nature, other obstacles might accrue. It all depends on the exact location you’re currently living at, the weather can play a big role in your fishing experience. So keep in mind that not all fishing rules can be applied everywhere, it varies from location to location. Apart from checking the obvious, like if there’s a storm heading your way, also check the temperature. If the weather is extremely hot and sunny, always bring sunscreen and glasses to protect your skin and vision at all times. 

Dress accordingly

While dressing for your fishing trip, you have to keep in mind the weather, and the fact that it can change at any giving time. For hot days, make sure to bring layered clothing, you can always take a layer off if you get too warm, but you’ll also have to consider that it might get chilly later on, so be prepared! A hat is also a must to protect your head from overheating. On colder days, especially during the gloomy season, bring warm clothes, preferably a backup pair of everything. Wearing boots is your best bet when it comes to shoes. Also, remember to always have a life jacket on!


Once you get all your equipment, remember to be cautious of your surroundings, try not to slip and fall, stay hydrated and wear adequate clothing, and you’ll have an amazing time on your fishing trip!


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