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What excites everyone about fashion is that it never stays the same and keeps getting better and better over time. The current fashion industry is taking inspiration from the minimalist way of living. Women want sustainable fashion and plan on living a minimalist life. Nowadays, fashion is anything that looks chic and easy to carry. Gone are the days when women had to break their backs just to fit inside a dress. Worn-out fashion styles are not only tedious for most women but time-consuming as well.


What's trending in 2021 is a minimalist way of dressing yourself, which preaches simplicity and comfort. If you are dying to get rid of the bland old sack of clothes in your wardrobe, do it right away. It is time to upgrade your wardrobe and invest in some minimalist wardrobe essentials. After all, taking a step towards maintaining a minimalist lifestyle is worthwhile in the end.

Let us look at some essential wardrobe pieces for minimalist living. Investing in these everyday essentials will sort out your wardrobe and help you live at peace. Moreover, minimalist fashion never goes out of style, so it is a win-win for everyone.


1- A classic pair of denim

Minimalist living is all about being comfortable in your skin and investing in basics. An ideal example will be a classic pair of denim that you might even own already. If you don't have one, buy one right away. The best thing about owning a pair of jeans is that it comes in different sizes and designs. You can easily find plus size skinny jeans from reputable brands, but try to buy dark blue shades as they go well with all shirts. The more worn out the fabric becomes, the comfier it gets. Also, jeans can last for decades. You can wear it as many times as you want and it won't budge at all.


2- A simple and modish white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is a highly underrated clothing item but still a wardrobe staple. Almost everyone owns a white t-shirt, as it goes well with the entire wardrobe. Moreover, you can carry a white t-shirt in numerous ways. You can either pair it up with a flowy skirt or go casual with denim. No matter how you wear it, you will look super chic in it. When shopping for a white t-shirt, opt for an oversized shirt in a box shape. White t-shirts hardly cost much, so buy from a store that sells good-quality fabric. As every other store stocks up on white t-shirts, explore your options and buy a shirt within your budget.


3- A formal button-up shirt

Another minimalist piece of fabric is a button-up shirt. The key to shop wisely and not to overspend is buying a button-up shirt in two shades; white and black. Button-up shirts in jet black and crisp white colors will soon become your everyday formal wear essentials. You can wear this shirt in two ways, button up or down. You can tuck it inside jeans or skirts flawlessly and pair it with minimal accessories. A button-up shirt has the power of giving a subtle touch to any outfit. If it has a good fitting and soft fabric, it will look fantastic and accentuate your figure as well.


4- An elegant turtleneck sweater

When talking about minimalist fashion choices, you cannot forget about a turtleneck sweater. It is an underrated garment that hardly gets much attention. However, wearing a turtleneck in falls and winters is an intelligent choice. Not only will you look elegant in it, but it gives out minimalist vibes. If you have not purchased a turtleneck before, get one in neutral shades like mustard and black. A lighter fabric will not help much in the wintertime, so buy a thicker fabric. Also, aim for a form-fitting turtleneck sweater instead of a baggy one. A fitted turtleneck with a coat on top and jeans will look super stylish and cozy.


5- Statement jewelry in silver and gold

Another way to promote minimalist fashion and lifestyle is to invest in statement jewelry pieces. If you have had colorful funky jewelry in the past, get rid of them and go for statement pieces. Simple gold or silver jewelry never goes out of style and gives a neat impression on others. You can either wear them with formal dresses or party wear; however you like. Try to invest in gold chains and thick rings or hoops to complete your modern look. Stud earrings will also elevate your style, despite keeping it minimal.  


6- A long and sleek coat

Who doesn't want to invest in a flattering long coat for themselves? An oversized long coat is what you need to complete your minimalist wardrobe. It is best for cold seasons and looks great with different outfits. While shopping for a long coat, invest in premium fabric as you won't require one every season. Go with wool fabric and see if it has nice curves to it. Also, a buttoned coat is better than a front open one. Some colors to shortlist are camel, dark green, grey, black, or brown. Consider this a long-term investment for your minimalist wardrobe. Instead of buying cheap quality fabric, always choose a branded coat and let it grow old with you.


The Bottom Line:

All of these wardrobe essentials are timeless, comfortable, and chic. The sooner you invest in these clothing items, the easier it will be to manage your wardrobe. Anyone can wear these essential wardrobe pieces, regardless of their style. They are neutral items that everyone r must own. If you are looking into minimalist fashion choices and want to upgrade your living, get your hands on these wardrobe essentials right away. They will help you stay on the minimalistic path and dress better than others.

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