Etiquettes of Giving And Receiving A Gift

Gifts are an important part of human relationships because they help us to strengthen our bond with the other person. Giving gifts can mend a bond, or simply remind a close one that you care about them. It gives us a feeling of self-gratification because it is an act of giving.


The reasons for giving gifts can be many but giving and receiving gifts can become an awkward happening. So are there any rules or etiquette to follow when giving or receiving gifts? 

Let's find out!


Giving Of Gifts

Giving a gift requires careful thought and consideration. The basic rule is to expect nothing in return from the recipient. Giving a gift is your discretion and the receiver is under no obligation to reciprocate.


The presenter should try to give a gift that is of value to the recipient not to himself because most of the time, things that are of value to us are not that important to others. So next time you buy a gift, try to buy something that is of utility to the recipient. 


One overlooked etiquette is people tend to give gifts that are too expensive. Expensive gifts are not a guarantee that they will be well-received. They might even cause the recipient to refuse your gift because they might feel indebted to you. 


Gift cards aren’t the best gift. They seem like an after-thought and it shows that you have other priorities. They also show how we assign value to things. You should only give a gift card when you are certain that they would not mind it. 


If you have a social life that revolves around your colleagues from work then you should consider their social values before giving them a gift. If they come from a conservative background they might not accept a certain gift such as Alcohol.


Receiving Of Gifts

While receiving a gift is an overwhelming experience, it also has some etiquettes. The first being that you should be appreciative of the gift. This will make the giver happy and make them feel content. 


You should never re-gift your gift to anyone else because it shows that you do not respect the giver and that you are ungrateful. 

If you receive a gift from someone you are not obliged to give them one in return because it might start a cycle of reciprocal gifting. You should allow the gift-giver to experience the pleasure of giving without expecting anything in return because research shows that gift recipients feel obligated to reciprocate and this precedent needs to change.


Plan your Gifts

Next time you think about giving a gift you should plan it. Try to be more thoughtful and if you do not know what you should give them as a gift then you can just politely ask them about what they want. This will save you from giving something that is of no value to the recipient. 


It is also possible that you just want to be appreciative of an old buddy or want to show a loved one that you care about them so you can send them a greeting card or you can choose a chocolate gift hamper. Chocolate gift hampers have soared in popularity and you can find a wide variety of them here at


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