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Even The Hardest Sleeper Will Wake Up


Are you a hard sleeper, nothing can wake you up but a bomb if even that. Kids are starting school now, and if they are like my niece they sleep hard and don't wake up. What is the solution to this,  Sonic Bomb, the alarm clock that vibrates? I know what, I have never heard of this either till now. Sonic “Bomb” is distinctly designed in a stealth gray in color with red controls and includes features guaranteed to wake up deaf, hard of hearing and deep sleepers.

  • Dual alarm time settings.
  • Three alarm modes: vibrating bed shaker, loud 113 decibel alarm or both.
  • Powerful vibrating bed shaker is a good solution for deep sleepers or people who can't hear the alarm.
  • Red lights on the front flash when the alarm goes off.
  • Battery backup in case you lose power.

We set it up and never realized the alarm was on, and about 2 am the thing scared me and my husband and set the dogs off. Loud enough to wake anyone and the whole bed vibrated.

One way to wake up a kid who refuses to budge, I am sure they will get as scared as we did.  Provides years of use and what I love is you can dim the light, we love it dark in the room and we are able to still see the time.  It was so easy to set and not hard at all.




What about the people who have a hard time hearing, there is something out there for us.  Serene Innovations TV SoundBox used next to the Tv so that your ability to hear it when you can't. This is something I needed, I can't hear out of my right ear, had it checked and I am death in it. So hearing sometimes is so hard for me.

Tired of straining to hear your TV? The Serene Innovations TV SoundBox® is an amplified TV speaker that brings crystal clear stereo sound from the TV directly to you, without wires or the need for headsets! No more muffled dialogue, missed words or blaring volume to disturb others in the room. The base transmitter connects to the TV while a convenient handle allows you to take the speaker receiver with you to other rooms so you can continue listening.

Quick Overview

  • Wireless amplified speaker delivers loud, lifelike sound from the TV
  • No headphones or earphones needed
  • Wireless speaker can be used to listen in other rooms or outdoors
  • Range up to 100 feet
  • Adjustable Voice Enhancement makes words fully intelligible
  • Volume control works independently from your TV

Definitely has made it so much easier for me to watch TV, and actually, hear without having to blast it. Two awesome products that can be used , for two things.



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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This is such a great idea. This would make a perfect gift for the hard sleepers. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

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