cbvx 049   The morning I had just gotten home from the bus stop and decided I was going to put together this new exersaucer world explorer from Evenflo. It is a 3 in 1 world explorer activity center. I had opened the box and I was overwhelmed with how many pieces there were to put together. It looks a lot worse then it is. The manual explains in very good detail how to put it together. I am not very good with putting things together. The manual is wonderfully self explanatory. The Only thing you will need is a screw driver. When you put it together you get the chance to see how durable and sturdy it actually is.  They call it a 3 in one because this activity learning center grows with your child. The first part of this system is the play mat. Recommended for ages 0-4 months. It is really very easy to put together. This play mat encourages your little one to use eye and hand coordination. I am a firm believer of belly time. While baby is playing and holding themselves up it helps improve their muscles for crawling. cbvx 018 The next part of the system in the exersaucer is recommended for ages 4-12 months. While your little one bounces and moves around  they are also developing gross and fine motor skills. While your child is playing they can turn around on the exersaucer 360 degrees as the equipment allows this movement. The fabric seat easily detaches for cleaning without having to take apart the whole set up. The seat fabric is machine washable and you it let air dry. This saucer is the only one you can rock, spin and bounce in. The saucer has 3 easy height adjustments. cbvx 030 The third part of the system is the activity table. You can take the seat out for your child once they have grown out of the exersaucer and change it to an activity center. A child can very easily move around the table and play with the toys. Recommended for ages 12 to 24 months. The activity center inspires and creates imagination and independence. The activity center is in the form of an s. This shape makes  more table space for play dates or social interaction. I think this is nice and sturdy for child use. I have heard people worrying about these activity centers tipping over but this one is sturdy. There is a risk with any toy or activity center of falling over. When your toddler is playing and having fun you shouldn't have to worry about them knocking the activity center over. Now if they climb on it and use it as a stool it may fall over. As with any product adult supervision is always required. cbvx 023 With all three systems you can interchange the toys. I like the fact that you get all these different learning activities in one product.  The evenflo exersaucer 3 in 1 also contains an electronic story book that helps builds your child's learning skills. The book tells the story in 4 different languages French, Spanish, Mandarin and English. With this bilingual electronic story book our little ones are getting a head start on learning. The toys are easy to detach and clean. I am so excited about this activity center. I have never found a product like his that grows with your newborn to infant to a toddler.  All of these toys have a universal toy plug so that they are interchangeable. For more  information click here.   You can get 20% off at Babiesrus until 12/24/2014.http://weeklyad.babiesrus.com/BabiesRUs/BrowseByPage?storeid=2568756&promotionviewmode=2&promotioncode=BabiesRUs-141205JC&listingid=0&sneakpeek=N&pagenumber=1cbvx 038   Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own

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