mnjh 003   After having a baby. You're body changes in so many ways. Especially when you are a first time mommy. It's always a good thing when people recommend products. Like the evenflo breast pads. It can be so embarrassing when you go out and you find that your breast pads didn't work and your shirt is wet. As a new parent you have enough going on that is the last thing you want to worry about.evenflo advanced disposable nursing pads use the best in class absorbency technology, superior shield protection, and free flow breathability.. These pads are individually wrapped for clean, on the go convenience. I have found that these breast pads have optimal absorbent material for protecting from those unwanted embarrassing moments. A brand you can trust. They are made from soft absorbent material so you can move comfortably without sounds. The embossed channels help draw milk across the pad away from the nipple. The breathability keeps your skin dry. The pads are extra soft and gentle against your sensitive skin. They have 2 adhesive strips to ensure secure placement. These are very easy to secure inside your bra.  Evenflo combines over 90 years of proven technology in industry leading dryness technology. For more information click here. mnjh 004

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