Evercare extra sticky lint/ hair rollers. I have two dogs and both of them love to rub up you. No matter if you are going somewhere and you are dressed up. They always seem to find a way to rub up against you and leave their hair on you. Well, no need to worry anymore. These lint roller work wonders on removing the pet hair from your clothes. I usually avoid my dogs so I don't end up with their hair on me. Now I can just keep one of these rollers in my car. They are easy to use just peel the label off and roll down your clothes. The roller will pick up the hair. My husky and rubbed up against my friend Danielle and we had taken a picture before she used the roller and after. It worked great. We couldn't believe the difference.

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I had also received a mega roller which has a handle that extends. This is great for when the dogs jump on the couch and leave all that hair. I don't have to go get the vacuum out every time they jump up. I can just use the roller to get the hair off my couch. These rollers are great. I can't believe I actually never tried these before. For more information click here

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