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I know when I go out of the house, if I do not have any jewelry on I feel naked.  Even if it is just a simple bracelet I have to have something on. Plus, jewelry always dresses up the outfit.  The problem is, a lot of my jewelry is fancy and not something I want to wear just because I am running to the store.


A Gilded Leaf in New York has jewelry that is so simple yet beautiful, and will look good with anything, whether it is a fancy dress or a pair of jeans.  You order the piece of jewelry and that is when they make it so each piece is made special when you order.  You choose the size and the metal (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold).  They also have jewelry in sterling silver, so no matter what you prefer they have you covered.

A Gilded Leaf also has diamond rings so if it is an engagement ring you are looking for you will not be disappointed.  What is more special than picking out an engagement ring and having it made special?  They also have such nice diamond bands that would make great wedding bands – and they are all hand made and custom to your order and for a fraction of the prices I have seen other places.


While it is great that they do have engagement and wedding rings should that be what you are in the market for, I really like A Gilded Leaf because the jewelry is so simple it goes with everything and the fact that I like that they make it for me when I order it so I know that I will not be disappointed that they do not carry it in my size and it does not fit and I get to pick which metal I want so if I really want rose gold I do not have to settle for white gold because that is all it comes in.  The fact that their jewelry is simple yet elegant is so convenient because I can wear it with anything and do not have to worry about digging for something to wear that is not too fancy to go out in when I am running an errand but will look wonderful when I am wearing something dressy.

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