When we were growing up. or parents and Aunts and Uncles would all get together on weekends. And the one things I have always remembered was no matter whose house it was my dad and uncle always had a drink together. They were big on whiskey and rock and rye and of course my uncle and his brandy. Now that I can drink and I don't, we stock the bar  I wish they were here, to taste the whiskey we just got.


Texas Silver Star  Whiskey

Whiskey is produced at our distillery in Fort Worth and is aged to perfection in charred American white oak barrels.

Our whiskey is golden amber in color, with aromas of caramel, delicate spice, and vanilla cream with a silky, fruity-yet-dry light-to-medium body and a gentle, drying praline and pepper finish. It is a pleasant and mellow sipper!


Texas Honey

Aptly named because that's what we use; real Texas wildflower honey from the Texas Hill Country. It's like biting into a honeycomb except our honey comb bites back.

It has robust aromas and flavors of exotic honeycomb, praline, and stewed fruits with a sweet, silky medium body and a pure, well balanced finish. It is excellent sipping neat, on the rocks, or as a great modifier in cocktails.


Vodka is column distilled in a state of the art reflux still having a 22′ high, 16 tray rectification column making it one of the smoothest vodkas produced anywhere in the world. It is distilled from 100% corn and is naturally gluten-free.




What about those who love a shot of Tequila from time to time. Azunia is the place to get some For handcrafted 100% pure Weber Blue Agave tequila that is the exclusive U.S. export of Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán and its second-generation, family-owned-and-operated Rancho Miravalle estate. Organic Azuñia agave is grown in dedicated fields of the Jalisco Valley, harvested by hand and roasted in traditional clay hornos to ensure authenticity and depth of flavor. We then finish with a natural, open-air fermentation process and bottle on-site in small batches using a consistent process to deliver field-to-bottle quality.

My in laws love to party, and this is great to have on hand. Something that's smooth as it goes down. Different in tastes of some I have tried before.  This year when we head to Jersey for a visit, we will have something for them to try.





My Aunts love a good wine, they have different tastes in them. Surprising them with a great tasting wine is the key to making them happy. Sauvignon, the intensely aromatic bouquet shows grapefruit, red apple, lime zest and musky characters. The palate is juicy and powerful, and delivers bright fruit intensity and excellent varietal purity, brilliantly supported by mouthwatering acidity. The wine is immediate and vibrant and offers excellent drinking.


The Pinot Noir is a taste of pure labor. in its youth, the impressive 2015 vintage is rare – only five barrels were produced. Grown at Bannockburn, it is full-colored, fleshy, rich and rounded. Sweet-fruited, with substantial body and deep plum/spice flavors, it is a powerful but not heavy wine, with gentle tannins, excellent complexity, and a lasting, very harmonious finish



Who doesnt love a dryer wine. This is perfect for me and the rest of the family to enjoy. Red grapes sourced from Veneto and Trentino. This extra dry wine is created through soft pressing of grapes wich have been left to macerate for a few hours to give this cuvee its brillian “peach blossom” pink hue. Aromas: Pink grapefruit, pomegranate, black currant with a hint of wild rose. Well balanced acidity on the palate with notes of red raspberry and strawberry with a fine persistent perlage. Enjoy on its own, with light appetizers, fresh seafood and grilled fish.




Have you ever heard of Adelbert’s Brewery, they have some of the best-tasting beer around, That's if you like a fruity tasting beer.


This ale starts with refreshing wit brewed with lemon peel and real mango. Bright citrus notes balance with subtle mango flavors to delight your palate. Best enjoyed with warm weather and a smile.

Naked Nun

This ale has a well-rounded aroma of citrus notes, clove, and apple. It is refreshing and soft, with balanced hints of bitter orange peel and coriander. It finishes dry and clean, making it perfect for pairing with lighter foods such as mussels, salmon, and chicken.


This saison’s vibrant pink color inspired us to give a percentage of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Resource Center. Brewed with hibiscus flowers and dry hopped with Citra, this ale blends a hint of tartness with tropical fruit and citrus notes. We recommend pairing it with fresh fruit salad, lemon tarts or Hawaiian pulled pork.

Buzzbait Blonde Ale

THE ALE: This crisp, refreshing blonde ale is the perfect beer for summer sipping. Hints of honey and peach blend with Sladek hops to bring forth a bright and balanced Belgian ale. It pairs well with caprese salad, grilled shrimp, spicy Thai, and french fries.


Awesome drinks for a family get together, some new and exciting tastes to try. From wine to beer there even some whiskey and vodka and some tequila too. Get some friends and have a barbeque,

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have never heard of these brand names before. Sounds awesome. I will have to check these out. Thank you so much for sharing

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