I do not know one man who has not wanted a motorcycle at one point in their life.  Not to say it always happens, but I just remember that everybody I have ever talked to has mentioned getting a motorcycle.  Especially when they are teenagers.  Even some women do.  In fact, I had family that all had motorcycles and would go on road trips with them.  I remember when I was a little girl riding on the back of a motorcycle around the neighborhood.  Me and my sister and a couple of neighborhood kids would line up to take turns up and down the street riding on the back of the motorcycle.


If the time comes and you decide that you still want a motorcycle and end up getting one, the first thing you want to do of course is go for a ride and what is better than a road trip.  Well, to take a road trip you need more than a motorcycle.  You need to have Cruiser and Harley gear. Of course you know you need a helmet but you also need to have the look which would include your jacket (I like leather), gloves, goggles, and boots, and any other parts you need for the actual bike.


All the street bike accessories you could possibly need are available and you can even look for a specific part with the parts finder, either OEM or aftermarket, and a tire finder.  You do not have to be an expert because they are.  That is great for me because an expert I am not and I need all the help I can get.  I am sure that when you first get started you cannot know everything that you will need and like anything you learn as you go.


For example, who knew that there were so many different style gloves? They even have heated gloves.  I am telling you, having it all laid out is amazing.  Walking into a shop I would never be able to take everything in yet when everything is listed I learn a lot about the different things that I really did not even realize I needed to know.  Gloves are only the tip of the iceberg, but just proved to me that there was much I did not realize and was glad there is a one stop shop so to speak to help me get everything I need.

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