There are so many things I can remember growing up, the Jersey shore is one and crabbing on the pier for hours and hours. That is one of the best memories I have. When my niece was younger I took her and my sister in law to the shore, to visit my family for the day, taught her how to crab, we had the best of times, my dad enjoyed being able to teach her and my other niece the things he taught us, when we were kids.

Now fishing we have been doing that as well since we were little, and there are so many awesome new inventions out there now, that can help you to find the fish, my dad would love this stuff he always went fishing with my uncles all the time.



With so many useful products out there, the Fishtrax is one that all the men would have loved. It's a handheld fish finder that is packed with so many great features, taking fishing to a whole new level. One great thing is the instant water temperature readings, the fish depth scale helps you know how far down the fish really are.


The VirtuView display on your Fish Finder depicts bottom structure with a series of rock indicators. The FishTrax™ Intelligent Sonar uses SONAR sound waves to detect depth, locate fish, and define bottom contour, composition, and structure.

Makes the perfect gift for the fisherman in your life, I am sure my uncle will love it.  Makes the best gift for him.


Now to keep all their drinks nice and cold, this cooler bag would have been perfect for them. Come on now your on the water, and your thirsty, so water and some beer is always the best when it stays cold. NorChill Real Tree Camo Cooler Bag is the perfect bag when your going somewhere and need some beverages to stay nice and cold. The NorChill 24 can sided cooler is the most versatile cooler bag. 

Perfect for those hot summer days, when you have to go food shopping and want to make sure nothing gets hot or melts on the way home, or for a day at the beach, we love the beach and spend hours there.  A NorChill Cooler Bag is different. NorChill coolers are soft, collapsible and can be rolled up to fit anyplace. 

Removable Shoulder Strap with Comfort Cushion Allows One Person To Transport Cooler in Comfort, dual Temp Insulation System Keeps Food and Drinks Hot or Cold. Great for all your needs, pack it up and have a great day no matter what.


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