Before you know it school is right around the corner, they start here this month. Now is when you want to get the supplies you need and then some, Instead of waiting till the last minute.


Scribble stuff has all the perfect things you need for school. They have a huge variety of writing and so much more. They are most popular for their gel pens and I have a thing for pens so these are perfect for me.


For this year it's all about the scribble stuff 25 pieces is all you will need to start the year off good, you get 8 neon pens, 8 felt tip ones, 4 highlighters and 1 push up eraser and 4 mechanical pencils. This is perfect for just starting the school year, and it comes with box storage so you don't lose them.

Felt Tip Pens

Scribble Stuff Felt Pens make bold statements! The pack comes with a rainbow spectrum of 24 unique vivid colors. The felt pens glide across paper thanks to the protective plastic nib at the base of each of the 0.8mm tips. So you can color, draw, doodle and display your many, many works of art without worry or hesitation. These pens are great for work, home and school.


Gel Pens Gel 

Stand out in style with these Scribble Stuff gel fluorescent pens. Each pack includes 8 smooth writing gel-ink pens, with soft comfort grips and handy clips so you can attach them to your notepad, shirt pocket or more. It’s the perfect combination of pens for work, home and school.

USA Titanium Sharpened Premium Wood #2

Use the pencils for anything from making notes, keeping lists, or sketching first drafts to brainstorming campaign ideas, filling in answers on an exam, or solving Sudoku or crossword puzzles.

The pencils are pre-sharpened and made from high-quality wood for clean, easy sharpening, and they feature a rounded hexagonal shape with a satin-smooth finish for a secure grip and enhanced writing comfort. Each pencil comes with a soft, smudge-free, latex-free, rubber eraser secured to the end by a standard metal band, making it easy to quickly and cleanly wipe away mistakes or unwanted marks.



Now for the giveaway one reader will win all of these things, all you have to do is enter below and good luck

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