When we were growing up, our mom taught us so many things that we would need growing up. She loved to make our clothes when we were younger and always baked. Her go-to relax was knitting, she taught us at young ages how to knit, and we loved it making cute blankets for the dolls and barbies. We thought that was the biggest thing we could do.

Now that I am older I have been wanting to get into it again, as something I can do as a distraction from everyday life. There are so many great products out there today and finding the perfect one for you.


Bernat Alize EZ Wool  First-time knitters, including men and kids, can explore their creativity with Bernat Alize EZ Wool that makes handmade yarn projects fast and easy with pre-looped yarn, no needles or hooks required. EZ to use yarn will have consumers knitting in minutes, not days and is so simple anyone can master it. Projects can be completed in half the time of traditional knitting without the years of prior experience necessary, giving anyone the satisfaction and pride of creating a quality, handmade project. EZ Wool™ is perfect for creating those chunky and on-trend sweaters, scarves, blankets, pillows and more. Both products are available in-store and online at JoAnn Fabrics and will be available online for purchase in September at Yarnspirations.com!

Red Heart Heat Wave:  Powered by UV rays, Red Heart Heatwave is heat generating thanks to patented fibers that have the ability to become up to 12-degrees warmer, even on a cloudy day, without having to charge up or plug in thanks to its solar-activated fibers. This new wearable technology, made in the USA, features a classic and versatile color wheel, perfect for updating outdoor gear including hats, gloves, scarves and blankets to help stay warm during daily commutes, sporting events, outdoor activities and even walking the dog.  Red Heart® Heatwave™ provides knitters and crocheters new opportunities to be inspired to stitch. 

 These can all make something perfect for you or someome you love

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