Everything you need to know about Anorexia

Anorexia is a life-threatening, self-starvation eating disorder in which a person sets unrealistic body goals and has an excessive fear of gaining weight. This mental health condition is common among teenagers, females, and people from a professional background where weight and appearance are dominant, like actors, models, athletes, and dancers. Approximately 30 million American population suffer from eating disorders, which is quite prevalent in states like Texas. 

People suffering from anorexia suffer from a significant amount of weight loss because of loss in appetite, or dietary restrictions. Anorexia can lead to several health issues due to nutritional deficiencies.  


The main symptom of anorexia is weight loss which can lead to other symptoms like:

–         Loss of muscle mass

–         Fatigue and dizziness

–         Upset stomach

–         Low body temperature and low blood pressure

–         Hair loss

–         Irregular periods and infertility

–         Dry skin

–         Sleeping disorders

–         Eating with guilt

People who suffer from anorexia may show signs like exercising a lot, limiting their overall food consumption, always being concerned about their weight, frequently checking their body weight and size, denying hunger, and signs of anxiety and depression. Untreated anorexia can also lead to health issues like damaged organs, thinning of bones, developing suicidal tendencies, and fluid-electrolyte imbalance.


There is no specific cause of anorexia, but according to experts, environmental, biological, genetic, and other factors can lead to this health condition. Some of the causes of anorexia are:

–         Lack of self-esteem

–         Regular criticism on the body shape of weight

–         Teasing of bullying

–         Professional pressure

–         Anxiety or depression

–         Sexual abuse

–         Mental or physical trauma

–         history of dieting

–         family member with type 1 diabetes

–         a biologically related person with a similar disorder



Immediate medical care is needed for a person suffering from such health issues. The primary aim is to restore a healthy weight and treat the emotional triggers. Therefore, the treatment of anorexia involves a combination of various treatments like:


People suffering from anorexia are prescribed antidepressants medication which will help them control their anxiety and depression which is related to their eating disorder. These antidepressants medications also help in increasing appetite and help them sleep. But it is important that you are consulting an experienced professional for the same. You can find some of the finest professionals here in Texas as well. Just look for eating disorder treatment Texas on the internet, and you can find the best eating disorder clinics at your fingertips


Psychotherapy is counseling sessions that include behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy of a person who suffers from an eating disorder. During this therapy, professionals aim at changing your perception of weight and food. They focus on changing your attitude towards handling difficult situations and inculcating positivity within you.

Nutrition counseling 

These counseling sessions focus on making the patient aware of the nutritional importance of the human body to function accurately. They are taught a healthy approach towards a balanced diet and the importance of eating healthy and maintaining body weight.


The most important part of the entire treatment process is hospitalization. To treat malnourishment, severe weight loss, and other mental or physical complications it is extremely important to hospitalize the patient and keep them under observation until all the test results come right.  


Anorexia is a severe health condition in which utmost care is required. Family support is influential for the success of the treatment. The family needs to understand the signs and give the patient all the compulsory help to survive this mental and physical disorder. This disorder can get fatal if not treated on time.

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