Everything you need to know about planning a family vacation on the Sounds of Outer Banks




If you are planning a family vacation away from the bustling city life, then Outer Banks is a perfect location for you. The Outer Banks offers access to pristine beaches where you can indulge in water sports and a lot of other activities. Thousands of tourists visit Outer Banks from across the globe, making it one of the busiest tourist destinations in the US. 


However, if you are looking for calm, you might want to retreat from the beaches and explore the sounds of the Outer Banks. 


What is a sound?


According to Wikipedia, a sound is a large sea or ocean inlet that is larger than a bay. Although still connected to the ocean, the sound has its own ecosystem for aquatic life. It is also a point where a river carrying freshwater meets the ocean.


Separated by various barrier islands, the sound remains protected from the bad weather, ocean waves, and coastal winds, which means there’s never a better or worse time to spend a getaway in a soundfront property. The place is welcoming for tourists all year round. 


The sound is relatively calm as compared to the ocean and attracts tourists who want an isolated place to spend their vacation. If you too are looking for a similar experience, staying in one of the soundfront rentals in Outer Banks is highly recommended. The place offers stunning views of the waters and a serene environment where you can reflect on life, meditate or explore your creative side. And when you want to scratch your adventure itch, the beach is only a stone’s throw away. 


The large stretch of the water system (sound) on the west side of Outer Banks is divided geographically into two smaller sounds, and each one has its own unique charm. These are the Albemarle Sound and the Pamlico Sound. 


<h2> Benefits of staying on the sound side


Perfect for kids


If your kids love being out in the water, the sound is a safer place for them. Unlike the ocean, the waters of the sound are predictable and uninfluenced by the bad weather or ocean currents. Even the waves crashing at the shore of the sound are small and gentle. Since the water is shallow, kids can get in and out without adult supervision. For adults, the water is only knee-deep, making it a boring place for seasoned swimmers. However, if you are here to splash some water with your kids, you are going to have a blast.


Close proximity to the beach


Staying on the sound offers you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the tranquility of the waters as well as the adventurous vibes of the beach. The Outer Banks has a plethora of beaches. No matter which sound you are staying on, you are never too far away from the ocean.




People come to Outer Banks to enjoy various water sports and the majestic views of the ocean, for which they have to pay a premium. On the other hand, soundfront properties are relatively cheaper to rent, and it’s actually a win-win for you if that’s what you want for your family vacation.


However, that doesn’t mean living on the sound is boring. You can still have a great time. Watching the sunset, going fishing/crabbing, and taking guided kayaking tours are some of the best ways to spend your vacation with your family.




When you are in the sound waters, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Since the sound is an inlet of the ocean, you can expect rip currents and dangerous marine creatures. Make sure you don’t let your kids walk far out into the deep waters, and you must keep out of water if it looks murky or contaminated.


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