Evoke Some Memories

One of the beauties in life are not to forget to appreciate the past. Some of the most fun I’ve had are when I attended musical concerts. I can even remember how refreshing a cocktail was that I had during the amazing time I had dancing and hanging out with my friends. When I look back at the past, I wish I would have saved my concert ticket stubs just so that I had something tangible from that time and place. Well the founder of Evoke Candle Co did save her concert ticket stubs!

Candles that Take you Back

Evoke Candle Co is definitely what it says in its name. It is to evoke you back to the time when you listened to your favorite songs, worshipped your favorite bands, danced, and all the the fun memories you had. If you look at the labels on the beautiful glass of the candles, they are some sort of place in time that hold a significance.  The charming aspect of each Evoke Candle is that they are limited editions. Each edition is a different scent, and there are also a few super exclusive special editions.


Let me tell you about one of my favorites, which is the Brighton Rock candle. It represents that fun season town in England which is a hot tourist spot. It is a rich sweet candy scent that brings a fun aroma into my space. It’s so cute too, because Evoke Candle Co will even send you a little extra piece of candy, which they call the Rock as it is famous in seaside towns of the U.K. Just a fun fact, did you know that Brighton is popular for that fun street fight scene in the album, “Quadrophenia?”

Paint It Black

My husband’s favorite for the current tour is the Paint It Black. He really loves its rich cardamon and clove scent. For him, its the ideal scent for his manly office! This candle is inspired by The Rolling Stones.

London Calling

My parents grew up in the late 70's and early 80’s so for them the London Calling candle makes them feel like they are those young punk rockers of that area. The London Calling is inspired by The Clash and has that fun retro red, white, black, and blue downtown-ish label sticker. Since this is a woody scent, its wick is also wood. It gives that fun crackle fire burning feel.

All the Evoke Candle’s are luxurious indeed and lead free. The candles are scented with fragrance oils for safety versus using essential oils. As well as packaging that has been recycled.

I love burning my Evoke Candles at the end of a troublesome day, because it just brings me back to the best times I’ve had—music concerts from when I was growing up!

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