EVUS Visa or also known as Electronic Visa Update System is a mandatory system for the citizens of the Republic of China who has 10-year B1 or B2 need to apply for the EVUS Visa before they start to travel to the United States. This process is mandatory so you must submit it atleast 72-hours before you travel to the United States. You need to apply for it online by submitting EVUS application which will then be reviewed and you have to pay the fees. After all the necessary confirmation you can get your EVUS approved.


Who needs to apply for EVUS Visa?

All the Citizens of the Republic of China who has 10-year B visa need to enroll for the Electronic Visa Update System before you start traveling to the United State on any mode of transportation. It is important so that any change in the biodata or employment information of the person will be updated on the Electronic Visa Update System. The EVUS will be valid for upto 2 years or upto the expiry date of your passport whichever date is the closest. At the present time, you do not have to pay any fees for the EVUS Visa but the US $8 fee might be applied by the DHS anytime soon. If the EVUS registration is valid then you can visit America any number of times.

What are the details you need to provide for EVUS Visa?

To apply for the evus visa you need to provide some basic information about yourself in the online registration process. If you want to complete the application process without any problem then you can try out these things.


  • Travel Details –


If you want to apply for evus visa then you need to provide your passport number, date of issues and its expiry date. Such details are very important for the confirmation of an actual passport and you need to also provide B1/B2 Visa Foil number which will appear on your US Visa.


  • Personal details –


You need to enter details like Name, surname, date of birth, city of birth and national identification number in order to confirm that you are actually submitting the application yourself.


  • Citizenship and contact details –


You need to provide information about your citizenship as some people have citizenship in multiple countries. You need to also provide your contact information so that the authorities can contact you regarding any issues with your visa.


  • Permanent address with family details –


Also, provide information about your permanent address and family members for the registration of the EVUS Visa. This way authorities can contact your family members in case of an emergency.

EVUS visa registration was started from 31st October 2016 and the fees for the registration were excluded from CBP and you can submit it without any charges.