Having a Dj in the house we are always looking, for new and exciting things. He loves and goes crazy over any kind of headphones. When I saw these I knew they would be good for him. At the first glance of the Paww WaveSound 2 headphones you will ask yourself how do I even turn this on?


But after actually using them for myself it is safe to say these could very well be one of the most comfortable easy to use headphones on the market. From the zinc alloyed covering most of the unit to the swift hands free NFC connection these are far from any other ordinary pair of headphones. When purchasing the headphones you will also receive a strong and fashionable carrying case able to hold the unit as well as your charger with any other accessories you may have.

It also includes a tangle free 3.5mm cord that you can connect to your device at anytime you desire. Then it brings an airline adapter for those who are planning to fly and hear in style. Last but not least is an easy to read user manual that will show and teach you everything you have to know about the product. One of the things i enjoy most about these headphones is how easy it was to connect to my phone. With the NFC connection this device has to offer there is no need to open and scroll through the phone settings.


Just with a touch from the headphone to your android or IOS apple iPhone device a notification will appear asking to connect. Once having the soft and smooth headphones on you will automatically notice the noise cancelling technology right away along with its sensitive ambient capturing microphone. 36 hours of play time means you wont have to worry about the battery running out anytime soon.


After the unit officially runs out of power it doesn't take but 4 short hours of charging to have the headphones back fully charged. Being a 3.7v, 860 MHA battery it can be replaced with any BL-5B compatible lithium-ion battery. But with the 3.5mm wire it comes with means there is no need to charge or even replace the battery.


Using the 3.5mm cable will activate the (passive listening mode) that will allow you to keep enjoying sound without any problems which other pricey and fancy headphones on the market don't have. After countless of hours and multiple days of using this product i can see that this durable yet stylish headphone set is built to last.

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