Exercise While Sitting At Your Desk

You Can Exercise While Sitting At Your Desk!

According to “Google”, 86% of Americans work behind some type of desk.  That's a lot of non-mobile people (at least while at work).  Unfortunately, you can't always find the time to get up and move around, especially while you're busy.  However, I have the perfect solution!  It's called the Cubii Jr. and it can get that circulation moving inside of your legs/calves.  Imagine being able to exercise and be productive at the same time.  The Cubii is a seated elliptical with a display monitor and a resistance dial.  This wonderful, quiet, little machine has everything you need to get those legs moving.  Nobody will even know!

Exercise While Sitting At Your Desk

The Quiet Cubii Jr.

So, there are other seated elliptical machines out there, however, they don't offer the same quality.  As a matter of fact, while using the Cubii Jr., you won't have to worry about your knees hitting your desk.  It's perfectly made to get your legs moving without bumping into the desk at all.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is a very quiet machine!  If you don't tell anyone about it they simply won't know.  As they say on their website, “Cubii Jr. is your silent personal trainer”.  The great thing about this is even if you don't have the complete range of motion in your joints you can still get some kind of exercise with the Cubii!  You'll get the smoothest stride all while getting a strong workout (especially using the resistance dial).  The display monitor will keep you updated with calories, strides, distance, time, and RPM.

Exercise While Sitting At Your Desk

Need More Features?

If the Cubii Jr. doesn't sound like it gives you everything you're looking for, you can choose from the Cubii Pro or the Cubii Elite.  The Cubii Jr. doesn't have Bluetooth enabled, but the other two do.  They also have many other features that they offer.  If you're interested, you can click on the link below and check them out!

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Exercise While Sitting At Your Desk

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