The Best Thermometer is a Temporal One

It’s still so cold in West Texas, and the temperatures are always fluctuating. Playdates always consist of some sick child with a cold passing it on to everyone else, including my own children. It’s so stressful when my kids or husband, gets sick, because it requires more of my time caring for them and constant doctor check ups. I despise using the digital thermometer that you have to place under the tongue or rectal area. To me, it’s so gross reusing the thermometer in such a fashion, even if we do wash it. I am so happy that I have a better option to use. The Exergen Temporal Scanner.  As a mother, it is a life saver to use, for its user friendliness, feasibility, and cleanliness.

Top Notch Features

My favorite aspect about the Exergen Temporal Scanner is that all I have to do is gently place it on my child’s forehead. There is no invasive procedure I have to do to read their temperature. It’s literally skin contact on the forehead with an easy scanning motion across the forehead. The Temporal Scanner has some pretty neat features. It has a soft glow display. That means, that even if I am taking my chid’s temperature in the dark, the backlight will allow me to read the screen, without needing to turn on any lights. It is such a great touch. Next, the scanner has eight memory spots. It will automatically remember the last eight readings, so it is easy to follow what fluctuations my child is experiencing.

As a mom, I worry about my children so much, and making this documentation for me, makes my life so much easier. Saving me time and paper trying to record it all on my own. There is a beeping sound that indicates scanning can be turned off or on. This helps to avoid waking up my child if they are sleeping. Really, who needs all that extra noise if we don’t want to use it? I can also program the scanner to Fahrenheit or Celsius. The main button is so easy to program and retrieve memory data.

Easy and Convenient

The display is easy to read. With a red LED light and soft beep to tell me that I've scanned correctly. The whole scanner is easy to clean. It's small enought where I can hide it in my purse and use in the car if I need to. It's so amazing to know that this scanner will take a thousand readings per second and show me which one is the most accurate. It comes with one 9 volt battery for instant use. Anyone can use this. Just press and hold the one button. Lightly scan across the forehead. Then release the button and read the temperature. This makes a perfect baby shower gift. And not just children should use this, but adults too. I want to give one to my own mother for her Valentine present.

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